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Skype Call Failed: Problem with recording device.

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Casual Adventurer

Well whenever I try to skype call my friends, or even the test thing , it always drops the call and there's a yellow popup at the top that says, "Proem with recoring Divice" .. Including "
[5:07:01 PM] *** Call to Echo / Sound Test Service, no answer. ***" .

I have no idea what's wrong, I updated it twice this week, one about 2 days ago, anoter just a few minutes ago .. ><
Please help..

4 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions
Novel Tourist

The way I fixed it, was my microphone was not connected all the way. Make sure that whatever mic that you are using for skype is plugged in completely


Casual Tourist

This has been my problem for a few weeks  - ever since I uploaded the new Windows 10.  I didn't even know that Skype wasn't working.

I tried everything but my audio test was working fine.

I finally went to Device Manager/Sound card and searched for an update.  Low and behold - Windows uploaded an update.  NOW I CAN MAKE AN ECHO CALL AND IT DOESN'T DROP IT.  Hopefully, this will help everyone with this problem  11 pages of people complaining about this and the repair is so simple!

Casual Tourist

Found the same problem and some minutes ago solved it with the next steps:

1. Went to the Control panel

2. Opened Sound settings

3. Choose the Record tab

4. Clicked the Microphone I am using and Clicked the Properties button.

5. In the Microphone properties opened Advanced tab.

6. Unchecked the checkbox Enable audio enhancements.


P.S. The same problem was with the sound. When I disabled the enhancements, then audio also started to work after upgrading to Windows 10.

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Community Ambassador

What settings do you have for your microphone in Tools -> Options -> Audio settings?

Casual Adventurer

Well it's in Auto Adjust, if I uncheck it, it will go to minimum by default ...

I just looked and it said

"Can't access your sound card"
with a little paragraph when I click the Red Bars in a skype Call..

But it's weird because I do have a sound card.. I can Listen to music, youtube, video's ...
And my mic is bran new, works with ventrillo , msn , etc ... Just not skype ?

Community Ambassador

What do you see in the dropdown box for your microphone? Are there more than one option available there?

Casual Adventurer

My mic doesn't have any options, it's just a plug in headset .
I lost the box so i can't check , but the mic works fine .. ><

Community Ambassador

Sorry, but I don’t understand what do you mean by “lost the box”. If I using my Skype open Tools -> Options -> Audio settings, then this is what I can see for the Microphone settings. What do you see in your Skype?


Casual Adventurer

 when ever I try to adjust the blue dot, it will go back to the left by default (so I left it as auto adjust, which still doesnt work)...
I tried to send a screenie but it didn't work , the option is currently at "Realtek HD digital Input"

Community Ambassador

If you click on the dropdown arrow on the Microphone settings box, do you have other options available? “Realtek HD digital Input” doesn’t sound right.

Casual Adventurer

Currently at "Realtek HD Digital Input"
3 other options :
"Realtek HD Front Pink Jack"
"Realtek HD Front Green Jack"
"Back Line in/Mic, Front line in"

Casual Adventurer

Please can soemone at least help me!
Someone can be kind enough to give me the link to contact Skype to resolve this problem!