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Skype drops calls after 20 seconds - no probems before

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The last while calls always dropping after about 20 seconds - mostly incoming calls but that's what I get mostly.   The calls slowly fade and they can hear me saying the call is dropping again and skype hangs up and says call dropped.   I think is since I did the last update.  My laptop is the same one and the internet is the same internet so only changes I know of are the skype udpate but just not sure.   I attached a dxDiag if that can maybe help???

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Your Windows 10 is not the current version (10586, should be 1607), please go to start > settings > updates and securety, and download the latest version.


Your video drivers are also severly out of date, however, do update your operating system before updating your drivers (all of them), since you will be installing a new operating system, that will not honor your current drivers.

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Novel Adventurer

okay I updated Windows - please see new  dxdiag attached and let me know if anything I need to do.

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Stupid suggestion.  Skype drops call on any system.  I have Vista and Win10.  The same problem.  The problem is the last Skype update. I'm trying to find date and restore system to previous date.

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