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Recovering removed chat messages

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I urgently need to recover some messages sent to me which have been removed by the sender. When I click on unread messages I get a fragment of one of the messages which appears to contain a death threat to me. Please help.

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Try SkypeLogVew, a free utility you can get here:

Please note: I do not respond to requests for help via Private Message.
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My question is an extension of the one above. How do I retreive a chat that I sent but then removed it?

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not possible, and please ALWAYS start your own thread
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I may be replying this very late, but still it will be useful for many others .....

YES, it is possible to get back the deleted message, that is the messages that are removed ("This message has been removed").


The answer is, your machine (computer) on which you had the conversation will have the skype log recorded including the messages those are removed.



There will be many sub folders with 2 characters name (ex: b4, e3, etc). These folders will contain the chat history in .dat format which can be read using text editors like notepad++. You will have to arrange them date wise to get you file.

If you are patient enough to find your chat (filename.dat), you will see the message history along with junk characters.


If you know for sure who has removed the message, then there is no complex in getting them.

If there are multiple messages removed by different users (in a group chat) then it will be a bit complex and should assume who had written what among them.


Hope this will help!!!



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Thanks! That was extremly helpful. I just went back to my skype and checked the date and time of the deleted message so it was easy to find the .dat file in the chatsync folder. I had already given up on the message, good thing i had this thread on email alert you just saved me alot of explaining I had to do.



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sriransuchi wrote:

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Hi, please I tried what you suggested and I got it all, but when I opened the text file on notepad I got a mess of data and characters that I can't read. Can you help me with that?

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Thats how the messages are stored. You will have to scroll through the characters to find your message Try ctrl + F and search for words you might have used in the message you are trying to recover.

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