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Muting a single person


I haven't found the possibility to mute 1 person in a single skype call, I have often talked with people that was sitting in the same room a was irritated of hearing each other and it causing problems, please tell me how to do this or if possible make this feature 

Almost every other chat program has a mute user feature, but would rather stay in skype since all my friend are there :bigsmile:

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there is no way in a Skype group call to mute only one participant (besides yourself of course)

the reason lies in the way ALL the audio is routed through the PC that is hosting the call and NOT through a central server
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If u dont fix so u can mute a single person i will delete my skype forever , my friend is so anoying on skype or u could delete his skype !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This feature already exists and it has been in skype for a long time. This will mute the person. 


You must be the leader of the call.


/setrole [skypename] LISTENER

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Does Neil work for Skype or something? How would i know? Can we get someone from Skype to give us an official answer? 

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I feel like a broken record. This feature already exists. However, it only exists for P2P based chats. In order to create one, you have to type /createmoderatedchat. If you wish to mute someone, simply set the role of a member as a listener using the command /setrole [user] LISTENER (allows them to view chat and hear others in calls, but not talk in either), and to un-mute them type /setrole [user] USER. For more information on commands, go HERE

Test it out for yourself. You'll find it works. 

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My question would be - given that this functionality exists, why isn't this a simple option on the UI?

Serious chat user, seriously annoyed by the version 7 chat UI.
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Beacouse ther are 489 more pressing matterts to fix, and people using this allready have to use slashcommands to enable it, so they know they exists.


The use of / commands is an exstension of Skype features, it's mostly used to avoid having really really huge meny tables that a user would be confused looking at.


Allthough some of them do exist in the UI as /alertson /alertsoff for instance is found in the conversations meny.

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Yes, there are other things to fix. My question was more: why wasn't this integrated into the UI to start with?

Serious chat user, seriously annoyed by the version 7 chat UI.
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/setrole [skypename] LISTENER

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