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Mute someone in Conference at Skype..

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Push-To-Talk is a better work-around than using the mute button, and I didn't even realize it was there.   


Not all of our callers are tech savvy (nor are they expected to be), so using the mute button always leads to many "oh sorry, I didn't realize..." type statements.  At least with PTT, it becomes more obvious.


I think, however, that most of us are hoping that somehow, through this thread, Skype will recognize the need/want for a new, simple feature, with multiple benefits, and not just more work-arounds.  When the conference originator has the option to enable any of the callees, the software offers a new class of service, and that is good for the long-term health of Skype.


Thanks for everyone's suggestions.


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when the microphone is NOT muted (i.e. the default state), the Toggle Mute (PTT) hotkey actually acts as push-to-mute, which is not too helpful for most purposes


so if you actually want PTT functionality then start by muting the microphone first (either manually using the GUI, or via a mic mute hotkey that can be configured)


then the Toggle Mute hotkey becomes push-to-talk, which is what most users want


note also that it is possible to configutre a SINGLE key for Toggle Mute (unlike all the others which require the inclusion of a modifier like Ctrl or Alt) -- I use Ctrl+Space for Mute Microphone and Space for PTT


due to the way audio from each participanat is mixed together by the conference host and then collectively re-sent back to each participant in a peer-to-peer fashion, it would not be trivial to implement selective mute


unless conference call audio is re-architechted significantly, I expect that if a selective mute ever appears, it will be available only to the host of the call, not each participant

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I think I am in the right thread for this,...  I was hoping to see a button that could be used by the host of a conference call that enabled him to mute his mic to individuals in the conference call, thereby being able to "speak" to only one person in the conference call temporarily. Is there a way to do this already or are you aware of an app that allows this type of function??  Thanks,..  

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Believe it or not some people actually play games AND have friends in real life. Whether or not push to talk is enabled, hearing someone in the same room as you through your speakers is terrible. Tried using one open mic for both, it received too much feedback. Tried every combination of muted/PTT speakers/mic, every option was terrible. And yes, I do realize that Skype isn't necessarily for this, so I usually use Ventriolo, which is EMBARASSINGLY better than skype in every way except its interface and ease of use considering how old it is. But even for non-gaming purposes, I can imagine this exact situation could occur quite easily. For now, I guess skype is useless for people with room mates.

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I understand it's hard to make, but seriously it's required for these kind of programs if you're a gamer. Especially a gamer who goes to LANs etc. I've managed to convince my friends to leave Skype for Ventrilo or Teamspeak whenever someone is laning, and that is sad since Skype is so good otherwise.


Giving the caller the ability to mute does not fix the problem either.

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Hi, I know this is by far a perfect solution, but perhaps it can help a few people out there who stumbled across this issue because of my similiar situation. I play online games in the same room as another person, and we use Skype to play with a 3rd person in another house. Obviously, the issue with my roomate and I is we hear our own voices from each others' microphone. This would all be fixed if Skype supported muting individuals, but alas it doesn't. Obviously, the best solution would be to use a voice program, and honestly Mumble is so easy to install as both client and server, and it's designed for this very purpose, that performing this workaround for Skype hardly seems worth it.


But anyways, if you're hell bent on using it, the ONLY way I figure this is doable is by somehow creating a hotkey to mute your own Skype application's volume while you talk. There's no way to do this automatically without writing a sophisticated program, but what you can do is create a keyboard shortcut in Windows to programmatically mute JUST the Skype application volume when pressed. The program that can achieve this is NirCmd, and a good writeup for this particular usage can be found here: 


h t t p://


(remove the spaces between http)


"All" you'd have to do is use that program and create a custom keyboard shortcut, and you'd have a somewhat working solution. Again, it wouldn't be pretty, but it'd at least eliminate the echo. However, I can't stress enough how much better Mumble Client/Server is for this scenario, and honestly if you're tech savy enough to get NirCmd to work, you'd be better off just going Mumble rather than Skype.  You wouldn't even have to setup your own mumble server either, as there's 1000s of empty public ones out there ready to be used!

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Ok, I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but if you download the portable version of skype from, it has the capability to mute individual participants in a conference call. I haven't used it in a while, so it may have been removed since then, but given that this is such a useful feature, I would be very disappointed if they had.

There's a chance it may have individual volume adjusters for the participants, but I'm not sure. You'd have to check and see.

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I present a phone conference calls, As a presenter I can mute / unmute all the callers during the conference callr. Why skype cannot add this feature?

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and two years later and-oh-look, still no freaking mute button.
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We have sent men to the moon decades ago but still unable to mute somebody in skype.