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How to unblock Messenger contacts?

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Great, except I've uninstalled Messenger.  :-(



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hehe that's easy. just reinstall. I did. You have to google for a download as it is not available anymore from Microsoft as a stand alone download.  Not too hard though and well worth the effort to fix the annoying problem

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This solution actually worked!  Thank you.

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No problem. You'd think someone from Skype could have provided the explanation/ solution ). I guess they just don't know what they are doing lol. Maybe I need a career change lol
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Having found in the community how to unblock a contact successfully, I'm having  a problem of trying to block a contact through "People", "Manage", "Limit Access", I type the messenger contact name, but nothing happens.

I also tried in "People" highlight the contact and in the menu selected "Block" and again nothing.

Any way of rectifying this?

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Use WebIM 




WebIM works with


If you're using then you can try to switching back to Hotmail and use WebIM.


Click on the Settings (gear icon) >> Switch back to Hotmail



Select the Contact then Click on Appear offline to this person.


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I had the same problem and your answer solved it. Thanks a lot!!

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You're a genius!
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I had to sign in and out of both skype and msn (twice i guess) for the unblocking to take effect. You're a genius! THANK YOU
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Great Tamim, I can see my contacts. They are the same as my list of contacts on Skype, though some on Skype are marked as blocked. On 'your' list it says nothing about my contacts except their basic details including their MSN address. How do I unblock them?



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