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How do I delete old messages?

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I just wanted to delete some old messages that I had with a friend. Can you tell me how?



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Skype currently does not allow to delete just the local history of an individual conversation. You can delete all your conversation history open the menu Tools > Options > IM & SMS and then press the "Clear history" button. NB: This will only delete the local conversation history. If you sign in to your Skype account from a different device the last 30 days of conversation history will be synchronized from the cloud chat servers.



If you want to delete an individual instant message you can do that up to 2 hours after you sent it. See the section "Useful things you can do in an IM conversation" here:

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I do too I can't fine any where to do that

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* find

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Hi just go to the Privacy Settings and choose Clear History. Warning: it will delete everyone's!

What privacy settings? Where?

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How do I delete old messages?
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Click on Tools, then Options.

Then select Privacy.

Then select Show Advanced Options.

Then select either Clear History, and/or how long you want history kept for.



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Thank you. I should have checked further before I asked, as the answer was already posted!

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how to delete meseges from skype

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huckelberry88 wrote:

how to delete meseges from skype

In Skype, Click Tools >> Options... >> Im&SMS >> Advanced Options >> Clear history 


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