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Emoticons Will not display with new version

Novel Adventurer

Downloaded the new version, and now the (finger) and (wtf) emoticons will not display. Every single other one does display. Why is this happening? I have tried restarting my computer,  and redownloading Skype itself. Is there any way to fix this? I know I have the emoticons display on because every one BUT those ones work. 

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Community Ambassador

These 2 emoticons as well as few other hidden emoticons were removed from the latest Skype 6.14 version:







Instead there are several new.

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Novel Adventurer

That is dumb as hell. Skype better put them back in, theres no reason to take them out. BS 

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Novel Adventurer

Hi all,

    with the last version of Skype some of the hidden emoticons have dissapeared. Is that true or only me? I'm talking about (finger), (wtf) and (hollest).

    Thanks for the answer.

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Novel Adventurer

We use the animated emoticons quite a bit (co-workers) and I recently noticed that "(finger)" no longer displays anything in my build of Skype...other animated emoticons work just fine.  Did it get removed for some reason?

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Novel Adventurer

Would be nice to get an official response as to why they were pulled...doubt that would ever happen though.  Worried about offending someone MS??

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Community Manager

These hidden emoticons indeed got removed with 6.14 because of them or their shortcodes having the potential to offend some users. Here's some feedback from users wanting it back, so feel free to show your support there if you are passioante about them:

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Novel Tourist

I can't believe Skype removed my fav emoticons! I bet they didn't even asked for user opinions or feedbacks. Besides, the ":3" weird cat emoticon doesn't work or mean anything (this one should be removed).

Is there any way for you to replace the old emoticons? Please do so. A lot of skype user will appreciate.

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Casual Tourist

Please give us out (finger) & (wtf) back.  (finger) is the best emoticon of them all.


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