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Download a video message

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Is there any way to download and save a video message?
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Accepted by Claudius (Community Manager)
‎16-12-2015 09:38

Yes. This has changed now. Video messages are  now saved in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Skype\<skype name>\media_messaging\media_cache_v2\ folder. Just look for files with .mp4 extension.


You don't need to use the "SQLite method" anymore.



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Accepted by Claudius (Community Manager)
‎18-12-2015 12:24

With the latest Skype 7.17 for Windows (or any newer version) it now got even easier to save a video message:

Just right-click on the Video message you received and select "Save as" from the menu:

This will open a "Save as" prompt for the .MP4 video file that is the video message. Hope you like this simplified feature.

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I want to know how to do this, too. I have been unable to find an answer to this in the Skype help area.
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I also need to download my video message. I sent it to my contact but now I need  it, how do you do it?

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Hey guys!


The easiest way is to:

  1. Open the video in Google Chrome. Enter the Code (in one of the most dramatic prompts know to man, "it is time") and click play.
  2. Once the video is well underway in playing, press F12 to bring up the Developer pane. Under "Frames" click on the header with a jumble of letters and numbers, then scroll down to XHR.
  3. Right click the "flvs-play" resource reference, then either "Open link in new tab" or "Copy link location".
  4. Press CTRL+S then save that file to whatever name you want. Before clicking OK, add the suffix ".flv" ("add that to the end of the name" is what I am trying to say). 

You now have a usable file. Hooray. The other methods still work, this is simply MUCH EASIER. Hope I helped!

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Thanks a lot! You really helped me!
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Oh great! I'm really happy to find that there is a way. I've been sending videos of our newborn son to the grandmother abroad, and just realized how great it would be to keep these little memories. But I couldn't find "Frames"? I see ; Elements, Resources, Network, Sources, Timeline, Profiles, Audits, Console and then some other options on the lower right hand side. Can someone please help me to the next step? 

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I found Frames and the header of letters and numbers under the Resources tab but I cannot find XHR anywhere. Can anyone tell me where to go from here or if I'm on the right track?


Thank you.

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how do you open the video in chrome?

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I tried to send a message to my laptop account and got the address.

And I found frames under resources, but I can't find out "flvs-play" resource reference,

Please tell me what should i do with it~

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You can use FVD Video Downloader extension for Chrome.



Open the Video message in Chrome, enter the code and download it. You can play the downloaded file with VLC media player.


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