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Contact showing online when they are offline

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Same here.

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This is so annoying and is a very big problem! Please Skype team fix it !!!


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This is very annoying skype. I've skype install in my android and computer as well. Even though I sign out from my android, I keep getting messaging on my skype. Also it shows available when I'm not. SKype fix this please... This is completely annoying!!!!


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It appears that people using Skype on a phone or tablet are "always online" because skype is always running. This appears to be true for me, even if I set my status to "away" on my (Mac) computer if Skype is also installed on my iPhone or Android tablet. It may be possible for people using skype to truly show as "offline" if they set their status to "invisible". 

I truly wish that Skype had a better mechanism for this, as I would very much like to know when my contacts are actually available.

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Here's the reality of this PROBLEM.


It has nothing to do with your software on your phones or tablets!


Even when your friend powers right down (phone or tablet not even on) and/or disconnects from the net, you still can see them on line.


You can completely exist Skype and remove it from memory totally (so that none of its services are running) and when you log back on, you see your friend show as on line again, even though their phone/tabelet is powered right off.




When you log off, or better, completely power down, Skype's servers are not polling your device properly and logging off the server-side account.


As an example, when I Log off Skpe then power down, the server SHOULD also disconnect the session.  But it's not.


Also, the server software should check all "active" connections periodically and poll the device to confirm it's actually even on line (the entire device and the Skype client).  Again, it's not doing that or if it is, it's not doing it correctly.


In my case, we have 2 smart phones (both brand new).  I use my phone all day long.  The other phone, is used from about 3.40pm to about 4.30 pm and then powered down.


Yet, like this morning, when I go into MY phone and into Skype (logging on), I can see that no one is connected.... then the "Echo / Sound Test Service" becomes available (green dot) as it should, showing me that I am connected to the net, but then, our other connection also pops up with the green dot showing on line.  The other phone is not even powered on.


The server did not release the session, even over night.


The other problem I'm seeing is that Skype is VERY VERY VERY unstable!!!  I honestly HATE IT! 


Like yesterday, and everyday, actually, both phones are on the net and skype is logged on.  On each phone, we see the green dot for each other.  That SHOULD mean that we are both connected to Skype's server.


Yet, when one tries to call the other, it just rings and rings (video), but on the other phone Skype never sees the incoming call!!!


We've done this standing side by side.  Yesterday in fact.


So then, we ended that "call" and tried from the other phone to mine.  This time, it worked.


So then, we tried again from my phone to the other phone and that now worked.


After that, we powered down both phones and then I powered up mine.


Yup, the session of the other phone still has green dot.  And NO, there's not a Skype service running. 


I'm a Certified Computer Tech and control what's going on with our equipment.


As this thread has been going on for over 1 year, it's clear that Skype either doesn't give a rat's petutie :bigsmile: or has no clue how to fix this problem.


I've hated Skype for a long time because I find their software and system so unstable.  I had hoped that by now they would have figured things out.  Which is why I installed Skype on the 2 new smart phones.  Clearly, I was wrong.


It's time to see what other options are out there that actually work.


So ya'll can stop believing that the problem is on your phone... it's not! (well, as far as the server session staying active). 



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Novel Adventurer

The answer is unlikely to be "server sessions". More likely however is the fact that in all latest versions of Skype, signing out does not set your status to Offline. This status is maintained centrally whether you are actually signed in or not.  You can have your status go Offline when you are idle for a period of time (on Windows, Mac and iOS devices) but you need to configure this in the application settings on your device.


Therefore, when you sign out, Skype will continue to show you as Online to other users. If you set your status to Offline before you sign out, then you will go offline.


This is a very poor user experience. As far as I can tell, the reason is that on many devices people will send you messages - or try to chat to you - and these will show up as Skype notifications on some devices or be in the conversation history when you re-sign in. It is like a constant reminder that Skype is there - and clearly not for user benefit. 


There should be a clear setting choice "set status to offline when I sign out". If there is such a thing I haven't found it.

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Novel Tourist

Same happening here it is only with one contact that I see so far and it is VERY annoying. Ofcourse we didnt really expect Skype to work BETTER after microsoft bought it did we?

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I've had the same problem for well over a year by now. I have a large contacts list, but I only heavily chat with one person (video and text chats). Everyone besides that one person will go online and offline (the system tray notifications show up).


The only thing that I've found to correct the problem is for me to sign out and sign back in, which reloads my contacts list. It will then show the correct status.


If the person signs in after refreshing my list, a notification will pop up. If the person signs in after refreshing, then signs out and back in, it will show as "Online" for the entire process.


It's strange that it only happens to the people you chat with the most. There could be something wrong with the contacts list refreshing properly?


I don't know Skype team.. please fix this.

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My wife had this exact problem, started some time after new year.


We tried sign in and out, didn't work

We tried to simply update skype on all devices, didn't work.

We shut down all devices didn't still make her to appear offline.


But we solved it by unistall skype on all devices, then download the newest verion of skype and install it again on all devices (PC and Iphone).


We did it a couple of days ago and it still appear to work.


I dunno where the bug is, if its a server issue or refreshing of contact list, but away it works for now.

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please solve it my problem my skype id always showing online
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