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Can't hear anything....

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Recently Skype hasn't been giving me any sound.
I did everything the website told me to do in order to fix the problem, but it still won't work.. I can't hear any of my friends talk, I don't get the notification noise when someone messages me, and I don't hear the ringing when I call someone or they call me.

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I've got the same problem! No sounds at all - no one can hear me - no noise - I've done the test, I've uninstalled and re-installed (including the hidden files) - I've done everything every help site suggests!


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I am also having the same issues. i have, also, done all the tests and re-installing, but the problem does not seem to go away. HELP?


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I had the same problem for a while and I discovered that it was an error in my audio settings. Go to skype tools>options>audio settings and you should see a box for microphone and speakers, if your friends can hear you then your microphone is working, leave it as is. Now change the speakers to the any of the other choices and test it by calling the skype test call. Test each of the choices in the speakers box and you should find one that works. : )

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Thanks this really worked!

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i tried that and it still dident fix why do i need to restart my skype?


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thank you so much sir !  

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Ummm I am using Skype on an android and I cannot hear aanything on the other end. The person on the other end can hear me. Just I cant hear them at all. How do I fix this???
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I had the same problem in my Windows skype. I could not hear anything with my headset on. I changed the Audio setting as follows:

Microphone: headset microphone (bluetooth hands free which I am using)

--You can select the appropriate headset of yours or default speaker.

Speakers: Same as above

Ringing: Same as above


Saved it and it started working.

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Ummm I tried that and still there is no Dial tone or beeping noises when trying to place a skype call it's like all I get is eerie silence...

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