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Blocking a contact

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If I block someone on skype, and there were still pending offline messages they didnt get from me, will they still get them when they sign on??

Is there any way to remove those messages? I found out a little too late that there's a one hour time frame, but still looking to see if there's another way I can remove them before they get them.


(big mistake on my part for even sending those messages in the first place) -- immediate help would be great!! -- You can even email me your answer to [***]

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To stay safe, if you have pending offline messages, you can delete them before they reach the other side by right-clicking on each of the message and choose "Remove message". The other person will not be able to read the message itself, but they may notice the removal.
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Question... If you block someone whom was on your contact list.... do they remain in your contact list or are they removed after you block them?

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Senior citizen here. I've not been able to sign on to Skype for several days. Have used it for approx 6 months. Something had popped up when I was getting a Skype call and I think I clicked 'block' on can't sign or get video calls
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somethinlove wrote:

When you block a person, can they still view messages from previous conversations you two have had?

 This question needs to be answered.

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somethinlove, yes, unless they have deleted previous conversations , they can still read them.
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But i want there names off off my list they are on all over place try deleat them block them  But there got be 30 Name want them off

There no one i know not on my contack list please take them of  thank you


EDIT : title/message case changed.

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What if they delete you first, then you block them? Can they still see all the conversation history? A answer asap would be great!
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Just blocked someone. how do i report them? A black guy from ghana pretending to be a white woman!
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 I have searched for four days to fnd out if I have been blocked or deleted as a contact. so before I blast out some inconsiderate person for taking such drastic measure  CAN SOMEONE please tell me the difference. PLEASE I spoke to him ealier in the day everything was ok~ then  3 hours later ~ next ot his name was a cloud with ? mark and pending request contact. I see some of this profile but not all 

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