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Block Skype Ads Quick and Easy

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When I went to the link you suggested, it had been "removed by the owner."

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Thanks a ton man. That's very helpful!
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Hi guy, Thank you so much. It's work but there is a problem: the banner isn't disappear. How to remove it?? 



I ran into this problem too, if anyone if facing difficulties similar to this just follow the step from this link. You temporarily get to edit it without skype denying you access.

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After you update the config.xml template, right-click on it, open properties, and set the checkbox for "read only".  That way Skype won't go back and 'fix' it, or replace it with the default template.

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Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Security -> Restricted Sites -> Sites -> add and


Also, to remove the ad placeholder, go to your 



and find the line <AdvertPlaceholder>1</AdvertPlaceholder>


and remove the line completely

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Thanks so much. I've only put in the restricted sites list, but the ads seem to have stopped.


When I tried to delete the advertplaceholder line, nothing happened.

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To be really clear:


  • Exit Skype (not running at all not even in the background).
  • Edit the template as stated, taking out the ads placeholder tag
  • Save the file
  • Close the file
  • Re-open the file to confirm the tag is gone
  • Set the file to read-only as mentioned earlier
  • Launch Skype

When you open a conversation it should no longer show the ads banner at the top.


If you don't see the banner at the top... then a few moments later it appears... You didn't mark the config file as read-only, allowing Skype to replace the file with a copy of the default file that includes the placeholder.


In addition to having as a restricted site (Via Internet Explorer as described earlier) I also have it re-directed through my hosts file.  If you don't know what that is then google "Windows Hosts file" - It exists in different places on different versions of Windows and we aren't creating a complete tutorial for it here.

# Stop skype ads


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Fully works!!! y):


Dirty AD spamer microsoft 

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I tried all the methods in this thread. Nothing seems to remove these ads. Anyone confirm that these are able to be used on the newest version?