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Skype Classic Mode

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Status: New
Status: New

In the light of the recent forced update to Skype, many users are forced to forgo their normal experience to try a new experience some people just don't want. I propose that in the next version of Skype there be a mode called Classic mode, and the point of this mode is the modify the GUI as to appear closer to something in the past versions. I propose there be different styles representing the different era's of Skype. For example 4.2 had your profile picture and mood in the top left of the screen, the group call would show a conversation picture despite being in a call or not, and the conversation would show you the participants of a group call despite not being in one you're self. This is what I refer to as the aforementioned "normal experience." Users prefer familiarity, and it's this familiarity that kept users from consciously updating to the latest version of skype. The Classic Mode won't have to be a complete overhaul of Skype as a whole. In face the GUI could keep the color scheme and functions already implemented. I'm proposing a purely graphical adjustment to ease the minds of all the angry users in dismay over the recent changes. I know I speak for many people when I say that this is all we really want. A sense of familiarity from what we used in the past and continued to use until the day we were locked out.

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I totally support this. I haven't upgraded from Skype 5 because I'd much rather have the old look, now I'm being forced to upgrade so I'm a very unhappy costumer right now.


GUI is one thing.

Second is to remove certificate authentication, which appear after every move or click inside window. Perhaps it's made on Internet Explorer's engine (Trident) and as it's very good Skype 6.x took those 'advantages'.

Maybe I should upgrade to newest version, which I don't want to do, but forcing me to change OS/computer or install newer version of IE (maximum on XP is 7) which is full of holes or just use IE is not what it should be. I know what I want and forcing to update because 'there are useful changes' - can't see any useful for me - won't create new market, just will start collapsing existing.


ever since microsoft bought skype things have turned to crap.  i now have a new version forced upon me which isn't better and much more junk than the old version.  CHANGE is not progress.

Give us a classic mode so i don't have to put up with some engineers idea of what i need.


I thoroughly agree with TOURIST - I have been using Skype for years and I just want the uncomplicated, efficient, intuitive application it used to be prior to Microsoft destruction - If I cant get a usable Skype I will have to migrate to Facetime which is easy to use and has excellent quality sound and Video - pity I will miss Skype as it used to be a very useful and easy tool, i9t is now beyond me.