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Selective status availability to contacts

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Status: Under consideration
Status: Under consideration

It would be great if possible to choose what contacts in my contact list could see my online status.

Novel Tourist

This is the feature I miss the most from MSN - its been a long time coming to Skype. This should be the highest priority.

Casual Adventurer

Why won't Skype introduce the feature of selecting which contacts you want to appear online to.  It's frustrating to try and have a private conversation with one person while others see you as online and then start messaging you.  It is especially aggravating when you are on a video call with one person and another tries to call you.

Casual Adventurer

With all due respect to dr.agisic's and Mirunan's exchange back in Jan. 2014, let's keep this feature simple.  I don't mind if you give us the ability to assign status' to individual groups but just allow me to pick my default status as "offline to everyone" and then give me the option to select a change of status for each user as I see fit.  I normally am logged in to Yahoo as offline and when I see someone come online I wish to talk with, I click the contact and select from a pull down menu the option to let them view me as online.  Now if someone else comes online while we are still chatting, I can decide if I want them in or out of the conversation by changing if they can see me as online as well.


When I’m finished chatting, I can go to the main pull down menu and select my status as “offline to everyone” if I don’t want to go and click each contact and change how they can view my status


This was the same way Yahoo and MSN Messenger worked as well (of course they had/have different names for these options, ie. Yahoo’s is Stealth mode).  This would be the easiest and most flexible way to implement it.  Any news on when this feature can be made available?

Casual Adventurer

In addition to the groups selectivity, it should also work as the old Windows Live Messanger worked that you could select individual contacts (such as right click) and choose "show offline to this person" and it would give you a little notice that you are showing offline to certain people.


That said, maybe in the contact list bar that you can choose all, skype,facebook, etc... you could also include a list for "showing offline to" so you can check for individuals you have it set to...and/or you can have a cute little icon next to the contact name / status icon for the contact that would indicate "you are appearing offline to this person" as a tooltip for the icon, maybe (this might be less complicated indicator)


This is the idea many users have been asking for for years. Appear offline to select contacts. Sometimes you dont wish to be disturbed by a certain person, we all have those days when we just want to speak to 1 person and dont want to speak to with others.

Sometimes you are in a meeting and need to speak with some contacts but not others and dont want to confuse people by appearing busy to all. etc

Novel Tourist

Please please please make this update happen, MSN messenger had it and since you took it over (as i remember much to my disappointment) it is one of many much lost features i personally preferred.  Being able to create your own groups and apply a status without offending a contact is a requirement many have.


Novel Adventurer

This is a feature I've wished for for a long time.  I see it's been under discussion for quite a while: has there been any progress in its development?  I think, if you ran a poll of users, most would be most pleased to have this function.

Novel Adventurer

Hi Claudius,


Just today got an auto update to Skype.  I said this in January = "Selective status availability to contacts" I have wanted this for a long time. Specifically, I have family contacts and business contacts. Often, after hours, I want my family contacts to see me on line and available but I do not want my business contacts to know that I am available otherwise business contacts call me at all hours. I am often abroad and not in UK, so my procedure now, after business hours, is become invisible and for my UK family to call me on a landline so that I can call them back on Skype. It's very annoying ... and, if I am in Australia or Mid East, very expensive for them. This gets my vote ............


This new version does not have this ability.  What it does have is Contact Lists with the option to Manage that list.  But, it does not give an option to have an alternative status just for that list.  That would solve this issue.


Novel Adventurer

Yes, it still can't be done. Thats a shame.  I was happy when saw they've put custom lists in skype, but it turns out you still can't manage status for them.

Casual Adventurer

This is a much-needed feature.  I'd like to be able to use Skype to communicate with people (so, not have to Block people just to hide online status), and allow a very small number of contacts to see my online status (so, not be Invisible to everybody), but not let everybody who I once had a Skype call with (and wish to be able to do so in the future) be able to make a log of when I was and was not logged in.  


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