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Selective status availability to contacts

This idea has been archived. The current active ideas can be found in the Skype Idea Exchange
Status: Under consideration
Status: Under consideration

It would be great if possible to choose what contacts in my contact list could see my online status.


Dear Readers,


I agree with you on this feature request!  My work-around was to create multiple Skype accounts for each set of contacts that I have: work, personal, and so on.  While Skype Groups (grouping contacts together) may work for some people, this is lost on me as I still can not assign a separate status setting for each group.  I would much prefer the same, simple presence drop-down menu choice for each contact (and group, for that matter) so I can assign a status to each: On-line, Away, Invisible, DND.


Thank you for considering this request.


Best regards,


Novel Tourist

I personally need this & have wished for it for a long time.
I wont even add my skype to my XBox One because I dont want Work related interuptions.

And when I log out of skype every day on my phone and PC then come back the next day I get to see all the Non Work contacts I missed since I wont leave skype running.

I can not have 2 installs of skype running with 2 accounts, so I have no choice but to quit skype after work hours


I have started using Yahoo when ever posible since I can control when my groups see me.

Novel Tourist

any news from Skype for B. dev team on that ?

this feature is really necessary.

imagine me working in 300 people consulting company and setting status to available for all 300. Its enough hat 10 of them want to contact me, - I'm overhelmed in a second. 

Normally, I would be always available to my direct boss, some coleagues i am working with and set my availability for the rest only for an hour or so per day.


Its like in the office: you have 2-3 people next to you that can shout over the shoulder hi man, how do i do this or that...... not 20-30. in Skype, there is no way to limit the audience once i am available !

Novel Tourist

Agreed with laimonas.skrabu! My co worker and I were just discussing how it would make much more sense if for our internal coworkers we could set our available status, but for outside of our company could have a different status, such as do not disturb or away. Many times discussions and issues with clients get lost in Skype, where they should have been resolved via email where we can track the conversation and status of something.


I feel this feature would be widely used, especially for business reasons/business accounts.