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Restore 6.13 set of emotes

Imagine my disgust seeing some tall cat thing when I try to type out ":3". And the horror when I find out that (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) don't do anything either.


My idea for the Windows client is for Skype to restore the (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) smileys and remove the ":3" smiley (and reverting any other changes that were made that I haven't listed). Put the emote set back to the way it was in version 6.13, please!

  • Instant Messaging & Contacts
Novel Tourist

+1 Please bring them back!

Casual Tourist
I love the new emotes - keep them and bring back the old emotes. Please. <3
Novel Adventurer

Come on SKYPE - really?? How can you take the (wtf) and (finger) icons away.  We LOVE these icons, fun icons are what define the product and makes it so fun.  We need freedom of text, speech and icons.  Tell those legal people from Microsoft to stop pushing their legal mumbo jumbo on the product and do something out of the box that keeps people coming back to Skype.

Casual Tourist

This is the worst update of all. These were my favourite emoticons and now I can use them. 


What's next? Censoring out swear words because they're offensive? So angry right now.

Novel Tourist

I think those emotes have to be put back in Skype !

I also think that the \o/ emote should be removed ..

Novel Tourist


My friends and I love it!! If someone doesn't like it, they shouldn't use it. 

Reliable Tourist

The only change I really dislike and care about is the :3 one - please make that into (cat) or something else instead. The usages of the text :3 emoticon are diverse and only seldom seem to symbolize a cat's face or its usages (even when considering the influence of Japanese kaomoji in current emoticons).

Novel Tourist

Remove the Smileys from common used text-smileys and just add them as (text) smiley.

And also bring back the old ones.


(finger) Was very usefull for chats with friends in my opinion

I wouldn't consider to use smilies in business-chats anyways, not even the text-forms.

So why should you care if they are a little bit inappropriate, if they are made for less serious chats anyways.~

Casual Tourist

I'm still very angry about this. They were hidden emoticons, which means you couldn't just use them willy nilly. What's next? Auto censoring swear words? This isn't cool at all. For shame. 

Novel Tourist

Why remove (finger) and (wtf)? I get offended by :3 being a cat and you are not considering that, are you? I hate when big companies start changing stuff without considering everybody, I hate that skype makes me install newer versions with changes that I hate, but you are not considering offending me with the reason behind taking away these emoticons is unreal.