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Restore 6.13 set of emotes

Imagine my disgust seeing some tall cat thing when I try to type out ":3". And the horror when I find out that (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) don't do anything either.


My idea for the Windows client is for Skype to restore the (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) smileys and remove the ":3" smiley (and reverting any other changes that were made that I haven't listed). Put the emote set back to the way it was in version 6.13, please!

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Novel Tourist

(wtf) Microsof?!? There is no reason to remove emoticones from the service. If you hate them so much, just bundle them as downloadable package and alow those of us that have a skin thicker than toilet paper to use them.

Novel Tourist

I hate how the emoticons now grow when you don't add any text with it. Why?? Why would you do that? It's annoying.


Also something thats not so new but has got on my nerves for a while is how this  :< becomes a regular sadface??? It's clearly a stubborn face. You don't even have to make new emoticons and you certainly shouldn't add these to already existing ones, that dont even resemble the actual emotion! Just leave them alone.

Novel Tourist

The (finger) and (fubar) icons should be brought back with an option.

Those users who don't wish to have them visualized could have an option (checkbox) to have just the text version and those who want to have fun can enable those so-called "offensive" icons.



Novel Adventurer

Original idea creator here. Kinda disgusting that it's been 15 pages and now Skype is moving onto the "revolutionary" 6.22 and still there is no word on an emote update, even though the Community Managers here said that they would "raise this with the right team". Even worse, apparently some emotes that were never emotes are now becoming incorrect emotes (like :< as mentioned above).


Thank you, Skype Community Managers and Microsoft. I can see clearly now that this was a waste of time and that you don't actually pay attention to these idea forums or to your customers. This is the #1 idea (I didn't expect that at all, to be honest) and there's progress in the wrong direction.



Novel Tourist

I agree with acosgrove. And you can't call the old emoticons inappropriate or unprofessional; you can say some of the people that use them are. But with or without them, there are unprofessional people out therein the world. So DON'T BLAME THE EMOTICONS! I know many professionals that use them, and mostly to make others laugh. I personally use them to put a smile on people's face, if that makes any sense, and to tell someone off when I get mad-which happened I think only once. BRING BACK THE OLD EMOTICONS!

Honorary Adventurer

Lol, they don't care, even though it was one of the biggest outrage when 6.14 came out. They don't care about anything, the only thing they care about is adding more advertisments. It's disapponiting, because having the cat kinda sucks. I'm using it as a troll emote now.

Casual Tourist

Wow, I didn't expect ANYTHING good when Skype was bought by Microsoft but I didn't really expect they would take away these emoticons either... Are you just this puritan? 15 pages of replies and a nice bunch of kudos but yet no change? No update? Absolutely nothing? After all this time?


Well, here, dear Skype / MS, one specially for you: (finger)


Hint: you will need to install Skype 6.13 and then copy and paste it there to see the secret message. (/sarcasm)

Novel Tourist

I bet it would have been such a difficult task to add a checkbox option somewhere in the settings...


"Show potentionaly vaguely rude and potentially mildly offesive emotes (not for the faint hearted)"


Then default it to off?


Perhaps Microsoft just don't have anyone to do it with all the recent layoffs.

Casual Tourist

I haven't used emoticons since like 2002. I absolutely hate them. I turn them off for me. But I know that whenever I do a :3 or a :> someone's getting a misrepresentation of my message. I wish we could turn off emoticons for our own messages and/or for viewing other messages. The option could go somewhat like this:


[ ] Annoy other people with stupid looking pictures?

[ ] Be annoyed by other people who want to annoy you with stupid looking pictures?

Casual Tourist

quote from NiHZ:

>>> [ ] Annoy other people with stupid looking pictures?

>>> [ ] Be annoyed by other people who want to annoy you with stupid looking pictures?


Nice variant, but it could be tenfold better to allow users to choose what emoticons they want to see. So, i have a vision of two lists of checkboxes for each emoticon to recieve and to send. You can make it, i know. There is nothing difficult.

Guys, the more an application is flexible - the more it's comfortable to use it! For everyone!

If You're too lazy, just enable (finger) and others back. -_-