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New ads / Ad choices

My idea is, get rid of the new advertisement feature which has been put in and appears at the top of the screen when you're typing in chat with someone



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The ad up top is HUGELY distracting.  I don't mind ads on the contact list or on the status updates page, but when it's where I'm typing to someone its just unbearable. 


This just started today for me and quite honestly it's making me want to switch to another provider for chat like things.


If there was an option to choose where you saw ads that would be acceptable as well, but right now this new thing with the ad popping up up top when I'm typing to someone is horrendous.

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Casual Tourist

Daily skypeuser here... These ads has become **bleep**ING expensive for me! 

I don't care if there is advertisements in the program, but I'm getting **bleep**ing tired of having to buy new keyboards because of these **bleep**ING INTERUPTIONS that you notice AFTER YOU'VE **bleep**ING WROTE A WHOLE **bleep**ING STORY, and once you look up all of it is **bleep**ING GONE! 


Are you guys **bleep**ing serious??? Am I supposed to sue your asses or what? This is **bleep**ing unreal that a wellknown program **bleep**s around like this. 


You should seriously do a "free keyboard give-away" to all skypeusers  just so that you can keep having the ads like they are... I wouldn't mind destroying give-away keyboards

Novel Tourist

Just registered on the forums to add my voice about this. It's extremely annoying, please fix the focus issue ASAP!

Novel Tourist

Adding my voice to this.  I don't mind the ads as such, but chat losing focus is a substantial problem.

Novel Tourist

This "feature" sucks.

I use Skype very frequently to communicate with my company colleagues.

Everytime, the ads take my focus from the new message panel, skype makes me wanna uninstall it.


Please fix that.

It's annoying.

Casual Tourist

Advertise if you need to advertise, it's annoying but it's it's fine, whatever.


But if the cursor gets "stolen" away so that I can't actually use the product - then what does that sell?


It certainly doesn't make me think "Hmn, I need to retype my last x messages, wow maybe I should buy that product that's being advertised at the top of my screen".


Think about it, folks.

Novel Tourist

Just adding my voice to cacophony of voices already complaining about this stupid new feature.


You can show the ads, but don't let my chat window lose focus! I personally hate to use the mouse, and don't want to go and move my hand away from the keyboard, find the mouse pointer on the screen(s), then move it to my chat window, click on the whitespace next to my text, move my hand back to the keyboard and then start the process of trying to remember what I was going to say in the first place.


If this is some gimmick to try and force you to look at ads, it's not working and is not funny.


Please Microsoft / Skype, give us back our desktop client!

Casual Tourist

Had to register to add my voice to this conversation. If I were not forced to use this program by my employer I would've ditched it the first time this happened. Thouroughly and completely annoyed with the theft of my cursor from the chat box for your ads. Please fix this nuisance.

Novel Tourist

WTF is wrong with you idiots.

Fix this STUPID F'ING BUG NOW!!!! It's been over 2 months already.


There are way too many other options out there to stick with this crappy annoyance.


Novel Tourist

I have to agree with everyone here, I use Skype to talk to coworkers constantly throughout the day. It was the preferred IM of choice for workplace communications and now it's just a pain in the butt to use.


I'll end up typing a sentance or two only to find that none of it was entered, or only the first few works were entered. This bug would be bad enough on its own, but the fact that it stems from intrusive and annoying ads puts it over the top.


This is absolutely unacceptable, and if this isn't fixed in the next few weeks I will be spearheading an effort with our IT department lead to transition the almost 500 employees we have to another service.

Novel Tourist
Guys - i had this issue too and it was ANNOYING!! i just tried to see if skype has an update and - problem solved!!!! just update