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New ads / Ad choices

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Status: Under consideration
Status: Under consideration

My idea is, get rid of the new advertisement feature which has been put in and appears at the top of the screen when you're typing in chat with someone



Person you're typing to info here

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The ad up top is HUGELY distracting.  I don't mind ads on the contact list or on the status updates page, but when it's where I'm typing to someone its just unbearable. 


This just started today for me and quite honestly it's making me want to switch to another provider for chat like things.


If there was an option to choose where you saw ads that would be acceptable as well, but right now this new thing with the ad popping up up top when I'm typing to someone is horrendous.

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So glad to hear that I'm not the only administrator with a company full of people irritated by this behavior. Come on Microsoft, did you test this? I find it very hard to believe that this is working as intended. Please fix it!!


@Nokternol: I agree COMPLETELY! There is no way Skype is going to stop displaying ads, and I don't care if they do. I just want to be able to type a message without being interrupted. I have started a new request here that addresses the cursor-focus problem specifically:


But the admins seem to think it's the same problem reported in this thread. :mad:

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I chat on Skype with about 20-25 people per day as Iam an editor-in-chief in a news site.


The problem is that when I click in a chat window, advertisements load after 3 seconds! So when I start typing a text, the cursor stops responding. I then have to click in my mouse inside the window so that I can continue typing!


Iam an internet user since 1997 and that's the most annoying thing I've ever experienced in an online chat. This exists for at least a month. Do you guys in Skype beta test your products or what?


Iam waiting a response from technical support about resolving this issue ASAP!! Otherwise we will simply quit Skype and start using some well-known social network for communicating!

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I just want to add my 2¢.  THIS IS VERY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!  We use Skype in our office to type quick messages to each other and whenever I happen to start a new conversation and start typing my cursor just disappears and I have to retype.  You'd think I'd remember by now but I don't and I just get irritated each time.  Please fix this.  I don't care where you put the ads; I don't look at them anyway.  I just want my cursor to stay where it starts!!!!!!

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Guys please do as I have and if you are complaining about the loss of focus of the text field while typing when an ad pops up, please add your voice to the link below so it is properly recognised as the correct problem. As mentioned above, MS is very unlikely to remove ads completely as they need to monetise the free users such as myself who cost money to support but don't pay anything.

As such they may completely ignore this thread as people just wanting to remove ads completely which is unrealistic.


Please upvote and comment.

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Actually, I see this as Microsoft's very clever way of reducing the load on their Skype servers by convincing everyone to move over Google Hangouts.

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Please remove the slide-in (popup) adds in every Skype Chat window.  It steals focus and is distracting... not in a good way.  Microsoft: you are ruining the efficient Skype we once knew.

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This massively impacts the end user experience, I have had numerous people complain about this bug.

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The losing keyboard focus is the most annoying thing about using Skype. Please, please fix this. It's freaking... really annoying. It was annoying enough to motivate me to register on this forum to leave this comment.