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Group chat inviting privacy

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Status: Comments Requested
Status: Comments Requested

Group chat invite privacy. 

Whenever someone adds your name onto a list of contacts that they wish to add to a new group, the persons (contacts added) get added into the group unwillingly. 

And by "unwillingly" i mean they have no choice or say (option wall asking if they would like to join) availible. 


This annoys me because of all the contacts i have, someone always has the great idea to round up as meny contacts they can list and add them into a group chat at whatever time.


I want an option to asking me if i would like to join, or not to join said group via invite page. 

There are too many people that add me to there groups without asking me, i just get dragged into them with random people i don't know, and it's vary uncomfortable. 


If there is already an option on skype to do this, then my apoligies, but this has been going on for too long, and i'm tired of being dragged into these random group chats.


Thank you 


Novel Tourist

 Are there any updates? This adding to chats without my approval is annoying.