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Automatic call answering

This idea has been archived. The current active ideas can be found in the Skype Idea Exchange
Status: Comments Requested
Status: Comments Requested

Hello, would it be possible to add a feature to automatic call answering where it will only answer automatically to selected people on your friends list rather than anyone on your friends list?


I say this because I only want my skype to answer automatically (with video) to only my girlfriend and nobody else.


Thanks (and sorry if this is a repost that i'm unaware of.)

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Hi I want to ask, I have the latest version of Skype and windows 8.1. I try to make a call to another subscriber. Connection is not established and skype closes. How to solve this problem
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Status changed to: Comments Requested
Thank you for your feedback. Would other users like to see this feature? Please add kudos or comments.
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Hey, yes. I very much would like this feature.


I also very much would like to understand 1) why this is not a feature already included, 2) why we need to submit this as an idea and get kudos enough for you to decide it's worth doing, when it's a SERIOUS privacy issue with respect to automatic answering, and 3) why this feature has not been added when Microsofts previous chat serivce, MSN Messenger was able to restrict who you automatically answered for?


This is ridiculous.

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Please make this an option, I only want it to auto answer for certain people, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to have it open to all your contacts!