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Add option to suppress UI in full screen mode

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Status: Comments Requested
Status: Comments Requested
I run an interview show where we have guests connect via Skype, and would love to get a clean feed of just the guest for our recording. If we could suppress UI in full screen, it would prevent us from having things like low bandwidth notifications or our local video preview show, which would make for a much cleaner look for our show.
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Another thing about suppressing the UI. 

Whenever I'm in a call, and I mute my microphone, the "microphone disabled" NEVER disappears. It's irritating, especially when it gets in the way of a video stream. 

It'd be nice if that could be addressed as well.


DalekRegiFire - can you please file your item as a seperate idea please.

Status changed to: Comments Requested
Novel Voyager

Please do something about this maybe a right click and disable all UI because sometimes the bar fails to go away even in windowed mode and if my friends want to show me something I have to tell them to move it up because the bar won't go away, IDK if it's a bug sometimes it goes away sometimes it doesn't, disableing everything for and enabling it back when you are done with the clean image should be a great feature. Thank you!