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what is my full skype address?

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Novel Tourist

I just obtained a skype account. I want to Skype with someone. What address do I give them? Just my username or my user name with a suffix attached? In other words, what is my full skype address?

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I'm not sure what kind of suffix you are referring to (@live/hotmail/etc?). Usually your Skype/Microsoft account name should suffice.  If at any time you are unsure, try searching for yourself in the Skype directory (by adding a contact).  Whichever name finds you would be a valid name to relay to your future contact.  I tried both my Microsoft account name and my Microsoft Hotmail e-mail address and both of them found my same account.

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Casual Adventurer

I Don't get it ... You said to look yourself up by adding yourself (as a contact but not adding yourself) But I can't not find ME on Skype I tried both Jeff Levy & [Removed for privacy]..

A lot of Jeff levy's But Not ME and No [Removed for privacy] at all..

so How do I get my skype address to give out to people ... I even tried my .Live E-Mail address still Nothing...



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The [Removed for privacy] I didn't put there this site did that So this site might reconize my Skype Name cause that is what I signed up with...

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Just your Skype name (That's the username you use to sign in to Skype) is enough for others to find and add you as a contact on Skype.

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So I CAN'T use it to Find Myself then? is that what you are saying? Cause I can't find myslef and this site know my user name cause they blocked it out....  Jeff Levy is tied to my skype account to yet I get 20 to 40 other jeff levy's and some that are not....

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Since Skype 6.2 version it’s not possible to search for your own Skype name.


If I search for jeff-levy using my Skype, I can find a Skype user from South   Africa. Is it you?

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No that is not me..

jeff-levy is only for here in the forums and I am from the USA. I can't put my Skype name here the forums remove it automaticly... But now I know why I can't find myself on skype 6.2 and I have

thanks for the info...

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I want to contact
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same, i can't find myself either
my account name [Removed for privacy]

but i can't find myself on add bar (

please help me

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