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skype says i have a problem with my microphone

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So i bought my first laptop computer and it came with windows 8. At first i said oh w8 looks really neat but after less than a minute i was already hating it. The fact that i cant turn off all this redesigned UI's is really annoying. So i tried to use skype, when i call or receive a call and i answer it, the call gets terminated immediately and skype that " there has been a problem with my microphone ". That is, my mic that is built in the pc.

If i use mumble teamspeak or even audacity, i can record and use the mic without problems, so its not a hardware problem, its just this crappy software. In my audio settings i have " Microphone (Realtek HD Audio)" selected.

As if this vomiting minimalistic design wasnt enough, i have to deal with configuration problems that programs that are 5 mb (audacity ) dont have.

Terrific job.

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Please run Skype troubleshooter.


Automatically diagnose and fix Skype audio and webcam issues

Location - Dhaka | Bangladesh - Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 06:00 hour

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why does the troubleshoot not support windows 8,1??? Updating to this was a big mistake

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Same issues, microphone, also fixit doesn't work with 8.1 Just wanted tocomment - it's no wonder apple and google are leap years ahead. i've had to reset my tablet (pro 2) 3 times already - microsoft video app issues, store app issues, will it be number 4 because of skype issues?

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Solved it - other threads say to go to pc settings, permissions, allow apps to use microphone - well it seems skypes is not aware of this!! You also have to go into settings for skype (i.e. start skype, swipe in from the right, select settings) select permissions, allow skype to use microphone. I can now use skype ok.

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The same thing happens to me do you know how to fix it?

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Owkey i had the same problem with my computer but i will explain now to you step for step how to solve this and its pretty easy.


NOTE: this is for the winsdows 8 version not desktop. Yust saying.


Step 1: Launch Skype in the winsdows 8.

Step 2: press the flag buttom on you keyboard with the C combined.

Step 3: Click on settings.

Step 4: Click on permissions.
You will see a smal bar that will allouw you to activate is de-activate anny hardware tools from skype.

Step 5: Make sure webcame and microphone on ON.

Step 6: Call friends and have a good time :bigsmile:


Hope you can use this to enjoy your Skype experience.


Yours sincerely, 


Chris Nubcake



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The auto fix it doesn't work on a windows 8 or 8.1 system. 

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I did all this and still does not work?

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The same problem
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