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"Sometimes the internet gets a bit sleepy and takes a nap..."

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Novel Adventurer

I am using the latest version of skype, and have adequete internent connectivity, however I keep getting the following message when I try to log in to skype via my Facebook log in: 

"Sometimes the internet gets a bit sleepy and takes a nap.  Make sure its up and running then we'll give it another go."

I had no issues signing in to skype yesterday--this just started today.  I use Win7 Home Premium OS.

Any advice?

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Novel Adventurer
I have the same problem. Same windows and no previous problems. Did you found any solution?
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Novel Adventurer

I am having the same problem. I even tried setting up a second account to see what would happen. I get the same response to trying to sign in to the new account. I also had clicked sign in automatically to both accounts, but that does not happen and the sleepy interenet message comes up anyway.

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Novel Adventurer
Yep, just found out the solution--thank you to the skype support chat folks.  They told me to download the older version at this link:
it worked like a charm.
Hope this helps!
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Novel Adventurer

downloaded the older version. No result.

I start to believe it is a virus or has something to do with win 7.


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Novel Adventurer

Skype works fine with the Smartphone. However all trials to fix the problem on my desktop computer have failed. Has anyone found any solution? 

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Novel Adventurer

I followed your advice and downloaded the older version as I have Windows 7, and so far things seem to be back to normal. Thanks.   I have no idea what prompted the disconnect in the first place though and now that I seem to have 2 accounts it is a bit confusing signing in here and there, but..........

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Casual Tourist

Hi, Ive also just had this message now for about 3 or 4 days for no apparent reason. Did the LAN thing and downloaded an older version of Skype but still no joy...Im using Vista on a desktop PC core 2 duo...anyone got any ideas yet?


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Novel Tourist

i had this problem for 4 months and ididn't know how to solve it , but i made 1 thing and then all worked , i went to skype > tools>options>advanced settings>connection and i unmark "use port 80 and 443" and then all worked fine. hope it will fix your problem !

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tried the link, didnt work..tried unchecking the port box, that didnt work. installed skype a total of 6x tonight. i've not had issues before like this im lost. i use it for work but looks like i might be on a temp vacation. i've tried alot of tips none seem to do this issue justice. i've had to walk away from the laptop a few times frustrated. 6 hrs straight now here i am anyone find a resolve for this that works other than the ones listed?

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