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problem with playback device???

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skype was working just fine, and now suddenly, I am unable to call or video chat with any of my contacts on my PC.

When i try, it says "problem with playback device".


I've tried searching this for answers, i cant find anything.




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When you try to make a call, you get the error message "problem with playback device".


In order to solve this issue, you need to go to Tools > Options > Audio settings. Then, choose your sound card from the playback device drop down menu and press Save.


You can repeat the same steps for recording devices, just to make sure.


If you don't know the name of your playback device, you can know it following the steps in this link:

After that try to make a call. It should work without problems. 

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Thank you. That solved the problem. PatOM
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This did not help me at all. I have done everything every single post about the playback problem has told me to do with absolutely no change. I need to know what the problem is, as it is getting incredibly annoying. It was working just fine (I've had skype and my Pc for years) and now all of a sudden it isn't. This is frustrating, and I'm tired of getting repeated generic responses. I need an actual solution. Every other "sound" on my computer and other messaging/calling systems works just fine, so it's not my computer. It's skype.

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how can solve problem play back device

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not able to connect to my friends,cannot hear their voice

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The same thing is happening to me and its really anoying everyone keeps on saying alternative controls but it is not working for me help?

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Goto start > control panel > sound , what is your standard playback device listed as there? Does this seem correct? If not set the playback device you want to use as standard. Also make sure you have selected the correct device under tools >sound settings in Skype.


If this does not help, run dxdiag (winkey+r > dxdiag) and save the output, zip it and post it here (rightclick send to compressed folder).

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