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msn games

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I play backgammon every day on msn messenger with a friend and I dont find it in Skype and MSN!!

Is it gone?

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Novel Adventurer

I too am a frequent player of MSN Backgammon. If Skype was merged with Windows Live Messenger, why can't they also merge backgammon?


I haven't seen any replies to the original message. Does ANYONE at Skype read and respond to this stuff?

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Hello, is anyone at Skype and MICROSOFT listening.  I too played UNO online w/messenger and cannot play.  Very very unhappy w/Microsoft for deleting Live Messenger and replacing it w/Skype.  They never bothered to ask their customers what THEY would like or to replace Live Messenger with something that works w/MSN games.  Microsoft paid 8.5 billion dollars to buy Skype !!  And now WE can't play our games !!  I won't bother waiting for a response from Skype or Microsoft.  Just something else that WE, the comsumer, get shoveled down our throats and have to live with OR without !! 

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Styill no answer to this question. Still no backgammon on Skype.


Why did MS buy Skype and then dump the very popular MSN games like backgammon? Why no fix and no answer?

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