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just says calling then no answer?

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I enter the number. The call is connecting with a ring tone. The video illustrates the process. It has hardly begun when a " grunt" sound and the message that there is "no answerr". No one can answer in the time the process operates!!!

I notice the number of people have said they want to talk to a person. The response to the "expert support" is a choice of two topics unrelated to my query. There is no email cxontact provided.

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My problem to a T. Have you figured it out? I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same problem. 

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I had the same problem but resolved by changing the
microphone & speaker option from "default device" to the specific device listed.

You can get to your audio settings by going to Tools > Options > General > Audio Settings.

Hope it works for you.
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Hi to all with 'no answer' problem


I've realised from my end, that I have to put my local area code into the keypad as part of the number dialling process.  So whatever your local area code is, (not country code) you have to dial that as well as the number you are calling.  Hope this works for everybody!!

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Hi!! I'm Having a situation where I try to Skype my friend who has skype it will not ring it just says" no answer" what does that mean please HELP!!!!
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Novel Adventurer

One fix that worked for me is go into Skype settings, Audio, and point the audio device to the specific audio driver of your computer, not just the default. 

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I have this problem. It is very annoying and inconvenient. I'll try to call this girl and it dials but she doesn't see the call. same with me. she will call and i see nothing. this is the only reason i would use skype. it would be nice for it to work when i need it to. Thanks

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I have only one driver. My brother can call me but I cant call him.

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right this is what happened to me- skpye to skype calls were ok but when i tried phoning landlines/mobiles, it seemed to call and then said no answer without any hint of a dial tone.. went through to skype support. we checked that the audio settings matched on skype and on my laptop. then tried to install desktop version (i had the 'wonderful' app forwindows 8). desktop version came up with 'playback problem'. then uninstalled the audio drivers on my laptop, re-installed (went to my laptop manufacturer's website and searched for the audio drives), re-booted my laptop and voila i can phone people again hope this helps  

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