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how to kick someone out of a group call?

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Supposing we are 3 people having a skype grouc conversation/call.

I'm not the master/host of the call though. How do I kick out any of the participants (EVEN-though I'm not the host??)


There's this guy who continuously removes me from the group call ALTHOUGH he's not the host!

The host brings me back in but this is getting old now. I want to know how do I kick the guy out too!!

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I think I found it.


/kickban [skypeusername]



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again it doesn't work. 

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I don't beleive you can unless the host is to kick the user out of the call.

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I don't know when this post is from, but I know how to kick them.

You simply type in /kick [skype username]. For example, if I wanted to kick

myself, I would type /kick [Removed for privacy] in the chat and press the enter/send button.

Hope this works for you! 

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I apologize, my skype username was deleted for privacy purposes. 

Let me type that example again but with a fake name. 

So, say I type /kick JessPanda in the chat and press enter/send.

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it doesnt work for me im in a call with my brother and he's being really annoying


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I wanted to know because this person keeps adding me to a group call and I can't make her stop even when I blocked all of her  accounts.


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Here's what you do, you type (I'll use a fake same) /setrole panda.dots MASTER and it has to be all caps and then now you are authorized to do the /kick command.

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see my reply, hope it helps!
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