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delete chat history on Windows 8

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I just installed Skype on my new laptop which is Windows 8.  There is nowhere showing me how to delete the chat history...... Help???

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Skype >> Win + C >> Settings >> Options >> Clear History.


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didnt work

the conversation cn still be seen


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i'm having the same problem, although i can't seem to get that settings page up? how do you do it?

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please check it here ....its easy

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Hey there just wish to thank the individual who uploaded the link that was placed on YouTube to delete conversation..... After several days I have now managed how to do it. Lets just hope it works. 


Many Thanks  :happy:

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Thanks for sharing.. Load Balancing

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hey, i ll tell u how to do it step by step


open your skype app

then press win and c togthr on your key board

your windows sidebar will open then go to settings

there u ll c option on the top

click option 

then skype option window will open thre u can go to clear hstry n u r done


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How do I get to this 'Option' screen?  Can you give steps to this?

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when your windows sidebar opens go to settings (which u use for shutting down your pc in windows 8) u will c option on the top ( where u hve the option for control panel, pc info etc)

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