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chat history online

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I'm using skype on several devices. I've decided to clean the chat history which is said to be stored in main.db. I deleted this file from the local disk what really cleared the chat history but in an hour the chats I had online popped up as unread messages. Moreover, when I swith to skype installed on my iphone, the conversations I had on my laptop pop up. So here are my questions:

1) Are my conversations saved online? If so, how can I disable this option?

2) Where are they stored on my iphone?

3) If I choose "not to keep history" on my pc, will this option be synchronized with my account? Because apparently the chats will be saved on another computer.


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Casual Adventurer one wants to reply to seems that Microsoft does not care about our privacy.

Going thru the same thing with my PC, IPAD and Iphone.




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This problem has been around for years. The chat history is saved on your device or pc and syncronized through skype servers with other devices in case you open skype on them with the same skype account. I suggest after you clear the history on pc for example, turn off skype on that pc and then open skype on the desired device.

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welcome to my night mare ..i have not yet learned how and i am desperate too..hope skype answers us soon 

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