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built in video camera not working

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I last used skype on my Toshiba lap top several months ago without issue. I am attempting to use skype but it is not detecting my video camera. The camera is built into my computer. When I video call people, I can see and hear them, but they can not see or hear me. I am unsure of what I need to do to fix this issue. I cannot find on the device manager what the camera is listed under since it is built in with the computer. Any ideas? I am trying to get this issue solved ASAP!

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Do you have any other program with which you can test your webcam?  If not, try this link:


What version of Skype do you have installed?  Click on Help > About Skype for the specific version number.


Click on Tools > Options > Video settings.  What does it say in the Select webcam box?   And do you see your own video on that page?

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I do not know what happened but for some reason it started working now! Thank you for your assistance anyway!

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I have a built in camera on my Dell inspiron laptop, suddenly it has stopped working and I can't seem to find it on my computer at all! It seems to have dissapeared off my computer completly but I can't seem to make it come back. It worked fine last week and suddenly I cannot find it on skype or my computer


I am totally lost! Can you help please??



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same here... and I am pissed... I pay for skype... my camera is gone and my number says its not working when people call in.... 

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Hi there i have the same problem except that they can hear me but cant see me and ic an see and hear them? help

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Try to uninstall the currently installed version and install the older version using this msi-installer:


After installing this version, make sure to disable the Automatic updates:


Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Automatic updates ->Turn off automatic updates


If your laptop is Dell XPS, then see also this:

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The camera will not pan down enough to see the user when he is sitting on the couch..


Can I add an outboard, USB camera and use that instead of the TV's built in camera?


TV is a Samsung UN60F7500.


Any help would be so very appreciated..

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Are you using Skype on TV?

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