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Windows 8 Skype login ?

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Don't you need a Microsoft account for Windows 8 anyway? If that's the case, you don't need to create a 'new' Microsoft account to log into Skype, just use the one you created for Windows.

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No, you don't need a MS acct for Win8. And some people just don't wanna merge their accounts or share their address book with Microsoft. So yes, that was the question. The previous poster did find a reasonable solution, which is not to use the Skype app, but Skype for desktop.

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skype done **bleep**ed up. why the heck would we need windows login if we already have skype id. skype will start losing customers soon
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I completely agree. Skype for Windows 8 is a good example of "innovation" in the sense of making well-functioning and simple things more complicated...

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just got my windows 8 latop and I am very annoyed that skype wont let you login without linking to my microsoft account. My microsoft account has so many contacts and I keep a small number of contacts that I use on my skype... now i have to look through hundreds of my msn contacts to find my skype contacts... VERY ANNOYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

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Totally agree. I installed the normal version. SCREW WINDOWS 8


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I've merged with microsoft login and cannot find where I can just make a dang call on skype. I've look at "all programs" on the windows/Toshiba tile thingy, and do not see skype. Please how do I just make a simple video call on skype after I have udated to windows 8, merged to mircrosoft and cannot find the simple video call place...

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I feel less pregnant reading your story.  I had Skype account since millenium one.  With new laptop (which had ghost of former used) Skype insists I merge accounts.  I don't want to merge with that ghost; my contacts are gone, I only have pay landline screen and all requests for help bring back a token for new password and that URL is broken.  Yikes!  Has Skype died the ugly death of all over-extended corps?

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Sadly Skype sold out to Microsoft so MS decided to force everyone to understand they know best.  Remember, Microsoft knows what your needs are better than you do.  

Now, as to the solution:

1) Download skype for Desktop:

This way you won't have to log in with a Microsoft ID, you can just use your Skype ID.  If you have already Merged your Skype ID, and want to unlink them there is a FAQ:


Yes, this happened because so many of us complained about the issue.

Once you have installed the Skype for Desktop, it's back to how the old Skype looked.  IF you haven't already merged then you're fine.  Once you have unlinked you should have the contact back to looking normal.


Hope this helps.

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Skype on windows 8 is annoying.. n):


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