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Wind tunnel background noise

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Whenever I am in a call and I mute and unmute my mic or when I stop talking for more then 30 seconds my friends say there is a very loud wind tunnel noise.  I have a headset that is not usb it has the 2 jacks. I have tried putting them in the front and back of my tower. I have uninstalled then reinstalled skype. I watched a video on this website giving me instructions on how to improve my sound quality, but it still does it. I have tried all the speaker options in the audio settings under "Tools". When I select my headset in there I can't hear anything, but people can hear me. I have also tried setting my headset to my default device in the volume control. Any ideas? I just bought this headset for 70$ about 2 months ago so I am pretty sure it isn't my headset. Also, when I use my skype with the same headset on my laptop the windtunnel noise doesn't happen; only when I am on my PC. Thanks and sorry it's so long

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I think the issue you describe might be related to the AGC (automatic gain control) algorithm. What might happen is that after a long period of silence Skype automatically increases the microphone volume.


I suggest the following:


Go to the audio setting in Skype and disable the option to automatically adjust the mic volume.  Hopefully this should resolve the problem. If the problem is not resolved, try adding a noise reduction software like SoliCall Pro.  It should attenuate the background noise to a level that hopefully could not be amplified again.

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to reduce this problem on skype,  go to tools, Options, Audio settings and reduce the speaker  volume ,  I kept the volume to under 20 percent and the noise went away completely.



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Is it any other option? The solicall program is 42 dollars.

I have the same problem. Skype is unsuable because of the tunnel noise. I did everyting but only it is better with the solicall program which is not free which is upsetting. I have a brand knew computer with windows 8. The computer was not cheap at all. I didn't have this problem with a cheap sony computer with windows xp. The sounds was clear without any noise.

I don't have to tell that the skype app. for windows 8 is unusable too. I had to dowload the desktop version of it.


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Im having the same issue. It seems to be a windows 8 issue with skype. I dont have this issue on my win 7 pc, just my new laptop. It is definitely skype, as everything else works perfectly - with or without headphones.

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I generally pick up ambient noise from other devices like my ceiling fans when using an onboard mic on a laptop.  It's virtually eliminated when using a headset on my computers.  The protocol Skype uses for audio can be really sensitive.  I really haven't noticed any major difference in Skype quality between windows 7/8.  The audio still morphs in quality depending on the available sustainable bandwidth between two clients.

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I have the same problem. When on call with someone and if they stop talking for about 30 sec. very loud noise starts on their side and can`t hear them after that for till they knock on the keyboard or somewhere near mic. I have 2 laptops, one of them brand new with win8 other with win7. on both laptops same problem. My house mate however doesn`t have that problem and we use the same internet, she is also with win7. I have tried to reduce volume and etc nothing helps till now.

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The noise is from the laptop/pc cpu fan. Your mic is very sensitive. Go to Tools-. options and adjust the mic sensitivity and set it to a lower setting and test during a call and dont leave it on automatic.

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Worked perfect for me! for some reason the volume was stuck at 100%. windtunnel noise gone after disabling the auto adjust option

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