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When on skype my audio does not play through my headphones

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So when I listen  to anything on my laptop, netflix, youtube, pandora, anything at all, the sound will come through in my headphones. But, the moment I go on skype and someone video calls me the audio will stop playing through my headphones and will only play through my lap top.

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I am using a dell lap top, windows 7. My audio settings all respond as working. When skyping I can be heard and I can hear someone else its just that what ever I am doing on my lap top the sound wont come out in my headphones only the speakers. 
My audio settings are Internal mic high def and Speakers/headphones highdef

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Try Below:


Set the sound output to Speakers.


In the call, Click Call quality >> Speaker >> Set the output to your Speakers.



Press WinKey + R to open the Run window

WinKey (the button is located between the left Ctrl and Alt with the Windows logo)



Type: mmsys.cpl and press Enter


Click on Playback >> Set the speakers device as default (Set as default playback device & Set as default communication device).



Click on Communications >> Select Do Nothing >> OK.



In Skype, Go to Tools >> Options... >> Audio settings >> Make sure Speakers and Ringing both set to Speaker / Headphones >> Save changes.


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YAY!!!!! I've been trying to fix this for months thank you so much this is the only thing that has worked.

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I cant get it to work plz help i did everything you wrote

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Now it works. thank you

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Thanks. I am a Mac person (and have lost most knowledge of PC's) & my friend (on PC) had this problem and did know how to solve it so I Google this post and talked my friend through to fix it. Thanks
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i have the same problem and it helped but when i go to change the speakers settings it doesnt say speaker/headphones it only says speakers?
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What you have to do is, type mmsys.cpl in windows search, then right click your speaker, then properties and go to advanced tab. Then unselect the "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device"

I hope this helped, because i just fixed my issue
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This didn't work for me, especially since my movies won't play into my headphones, just my speakers...

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