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What is MSGTM?

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Im receiving a phone call that i have to log in to


I've tried to log in but i'm not getting a web page. What is that for?


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I went to the link and it appears to be a link to download something. Possibly a virus; I wouldn't dare try.

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lrey1998 wrote:

Im receiving a phone call that i have to log in to


I've tried to log in but i'm not getting a web page. What is that for?


Does anybody else haveexperience with it? Is it a virus?

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can't say that im 100% correct, but most likely. my friend went to the site and he said heard a person talking and it was forcing him to download some program. i've gotten at least 4 calls today by MSGTM, and i got one another time. doesn't bother me but its quite annoying when i get the notification for it, bleeh.

you're all better off turning stuff from other people off, the bot has multiple accounts to spam with.

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We need someone from Skype to weigh in on this, ASAP.  It's not just msgtm, there are others as well.  C'mon Skype, tell us it's a scam so we can block 'em.

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Seroiusly, this is annoying. I have been getting calls from this MSGTM everyday and they leave a voice message. I don't understand why every MS product is vulnerable to things like this? Skype, Any thoughts on this?

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That's definitely a scam which leads to malware, RATs, etc.  You need to block and report the skype account/phone number for abuse.

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I am getting calls from this at annoying hours (i.e. sleep time).  I need to keep my skype on because my son is in a hospital in another country & time zone.


How can I block this?


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You have at least two options at your disposal:


1.  You can block the individual spammer.  You can find them in your recent history.

2.  Block anyone not in your contacts.  This would handle any Skype spammers which are the majority of these types of scammers.  If you have a Skype number it can remain set to anyone so you can still  receive hospital calls.


See below/attached for image compilation.


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One other action you can take re these spammy "video message" received calls is to use "who is" ..type in the domain name...and that will give you the name of the registrar.  


Then send an email to the abuse email address for that registrar.  That email address is within the who is listing. 


The result is the shutting down of the domain, as well as pressure from the registrars on skype.   These spammy folks do set up shop, work from that shop for a wee bit, and then close up and restart elsewhere.   


You can do what you would do with your phone book listing... use an unlisted number and don't allow it to be visible anywhere.   Go into your profile and make sure it's locked down with every feature if you want the "unlisted number" behavior.   Don't use it within any forms.   Hide all of your profile information. 


I don't believe this is totally controllable by Skype.  I run a server and within seconds of my server going live -- no website...just the server -- it was being pinged.   We're not in heaven so the world has lots of good and lots of bad within it.   And in the day...when your # was listed... you got unwanted calls.  ...just like you get unwanted mail...   



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