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Voicemail Not Working

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Novel Tourist
The same thing with my GE phone. Vmail NEVER picks up. Very frustrating.
Novel Tourist

I also have the GE 6.0 Skype phone.  Just started my service in February, apparently at the same time the voicemail service went down.  SKYPE, THERE ARE OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE AND ANGRY CUSTOMERS LOSE PATIENCE QUICKLY.  Get this fixed before you start losing business and have to start refunding money.

Novel Tourist

I have the same problem for months now.  The only way around that worked is to sign out of skype on the GE DECT 6.0 when I leave my house.

Reliable Adventurer

I have a thought for all of you folk where Skype voicemail is not working.  Mine is working, but I am NOT using it.  Instead, I have all calls that I do not answer forwarded to a Google Voice number.  Set that number to pick up immediately, and take a message.


You have to be careful that your Skype number is NOT registered at Google Voice for call forwarding, otherwise it will ask for your pin, assuming you are trying to retrieve your messages.


When a call comes in, it sends me an Email, with a voice recording, and a transcription of the text, as well as it can do.  I also get a notice on my iPod / iPhone immediately, with the option to pick up the message if I want.  You can also check for messages by calling your own Google number from any phone, and hitting *, and entering your pin.


Works slick.  And it is free!  Google voice has a bunch of other features too.  

Remember, we're all in this together, and I'm pulling for you.
Novel Tourist
menu > settings > skype call > voicemail > forward unanswered > turn "on"
Casual Adventurer

I have a similar problem with "no answer" call forwarding.  It rings and rings and, finally, after 12 rings it fowords to my number.  When the GE phone is signed out, it fowards after a few rings, which is the way I set the settings.  So, it has something to do with the Skype / GE software and it's very frustrating because I'm trying to use it as a business line.

Novel Tourist

Voicemail only work with default setting. Since customer support is not fixing this issue I will change service.

Just wanted to add my voice with this problem and to say that on 21st May 2012 the problem still exisits exactly as reported above. Never used to be like this in the good old days!
Casual Adventurer

Yep, same thing here.  I was having problems with calls immediately going into VM, Skype customer service gave me a fix for that - it took quite a bit of time.  Worked fine for six weeks, now, no VM at all.  What the heck are those folks DOING????


Casual Adventurer

I just spent ANOTHER hour on chat w/Skype, they know all about the VM problem, but can not fix it.  They offered me a one Euro voucher by way of compensation - US$1.2367.  Can you believe it!  I'm looking for another provider, anybody got any suggestions?

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