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Video calling on skype is not clear

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I have the latest skype being updated and my webcam is pre-installed in my laptop so I guess my webcam is functioning well. My computer is running smoothly as stated in Skype, and I've close all the programs running on my laptop.

The problem is, when I video calling with my friend who is in another country, my video is very not clear. The signal is always in red and my Skype program tells me that my connection speed is poor. So, I've run a speedtest with the result of download speed:1.0 Mbps and upload speed 0.42Mbps. On the other hand, I could receive clear video from my friend.

So, how do I fix this connection problem?? This is not the first time for me to encounter this. Hopefully someone could guide me to solve this problem.

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A poor connection might also mean:

1. Your friend's connection to the Internet is poor.

2. The Internet connection between the two locations is poor.


I suggest:

1. Test the Internet connection your friend has.

2. Try changing ISP (sometimes different ISP can give you different connection quality for specific geographic locations).

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Thanks for replying.

My friend's connection is okay as I'm the one who has the connection problem of uploading.

May I know how to change the ISP?

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The ISP is your internet service provider. In some cases different ISPs have different network quality - especially with regards to international quality.


I guess you can call another ISP in yoru country and ask for a temporary user to try their quality. Also, maybe they offer packages with better international quality.


Another option I was thinking about is to try making the calls on different time in the day and/or different days in the week and see if it makes a difference. In some cases you will find there is a big difference in quality.

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Thanks for the guide

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My video is not clear kindly help me
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Dear, This is not the problem of any ISP whether National/International quality, I am dam sure the problem is on the SKYPE server or the SKYPE connectivity to transfer the video data. Example:- I tested on other application (TANGO) the video clarity is awesome. Hence the problem is with SKYPE and SKYPE guys should look into it or else they will lose skype customers.
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I say use what works for you.  I have read enough reviews of people having varying quality issues with Tango.  So I highly doubt it's necessarily superior as many external factors (possibly unique to one another) affect both products ( and an overgeneralized comparison statement is difficult to make.  

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