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Video call not working

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Casual Adventurer

When I talking to other person via Video Call my WebCam video is not showing for me or to person I talking.
My WebCam is Logitech WebCam HD c525 and I have
latest Skype version
and latest Logitech drivers for my cam.
After I finish my call (audio call is working fine) I get skype to show me video on Call Quality Information.
I get skype to show me video when I am not talking quite ok, but video stops when call start and my webcam tab get "!" even though cam was recognized and was showing video through Call Quality Information dialog.
This is my connection speed
and I have no problems with connections with other persons (green bars)

Video calling was working for me on earlier versions of skype however I am not sure when problems started, because I wasn't using my webcam for a while and in the meantime I updated skype several times.

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Casual Adventurer
Accepted as a solution by rjocic
‎28-08-2015 11:00

I restart Windows here and there, usually when updates come.

Video calling was not working for weeks so simple rebooting wasn't solution.
Somehow restarting in Safe mode of Windows helped.

How that happened I am not sure, and is not important anymore, I'll accept rebooting in Safe mode as a solution when skype is misbehaving.

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Community Ambassador

Try to connect your webcam to another USB port. It might be that the USB port does not provide enough power or is working as USB 1.1 only. HD webcams require USB 2.0 port.

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Casual Adventurer

Yeah I tried different ports, although my motherboard have only USB 3.0 ports,

but that is not the issue.

I can see picture in skype on my cam before making a call if I press Green bars or Quality Call Information on WebCam tab.

Also, my cam is working with other applications so getting enough power/changing USB ports wilil not help.

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Community Ambassador

Do you have this issue with only one contact all with all?


Have you tried during the call to turn your video off and on again?

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Casual Adventurer

Yes I tried to turn off and on video during regular call.

I only got spinning circle but no video ever starts.

I have problems with all contacts, I cannot make video calls with anyone.

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Community Ambassador

Next time when on a video call go to Call -> Call Technical Info. Watch your actual download/upload speed and especially the UDP status.

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Casual Adventurer

Here are the some of info for the person I am talking to (3rd paragraph)


Codec Silk_v3
Packet loss 1%
Status 7
Video Status 2
UDP status local:Good remote:Good
Video debug (109131) ;media=0; status=7; error=

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Community Ambassador

What about download /upload speed (the few first lines in Call Info)? Does it also say “video stream not started”? You may post the whole Info, but hiding some personal information.

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Casual Adventurer

Here is the printscreen of the Call Technical Info

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Community Ambassador

The upload/download speed is low but this is not unusual on audio-only calls. UDP status is also OK. Skype is using 9.5% CPU load, but the total is 19.7%. Do you have any other applications running when using Skype? Is Logitech software running? If so, then close this software.

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