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Update failure, error code 1603

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Currently running ver but when I try to update, it fails, miserably at that. Apparently, it says that I have 5.8 installed and gives me an error code 1603. Any suggestions please?
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I’m not sure if this will help but you can try to run the “Fix it” from this Microsoft article:


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this is Windows Installer issue
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Yea.. Doesn't really solve my problem..


  • Install the package to a folder that is not encrypted.
    I can't install the update if I can't remove a version I don't have.
  • Install the package to a drive that is not accessed as a substitute drive.
    Don't have a substitute drive.
  • Grant Full Control permissions to the SYSTEM account. (for Windows 2000 and Windows XP only)
    Yea, I have Windows 7.


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Any one else with any solutions?
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I’m not sure if this will help but you can try to run the “Fix it” from this Microsoft article:


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I've run into the same problem and since non of skype support systems was either reachable or could be connected, nor was it helpful. I decided to do it the dirty way as I am a developer myself and know what I am doing, or at least I hope so... (coming from version but same with the I just saw your post when I was trying to find the 1603 error in the FAQ:


goto C:\ProgramData\Skype\


there will be various folders (depending on how many versions you had installed previously) with {kombinationoflettersandnumbers} choose the one the error message was referring to.


within that dir you will find a <file>.msi for me it was was skype.msi

Just rename it the way the Skype update wants it to be called (in my case it was SkypeSetup_5.8.0.154/


The problem seems to be that the skype installation will not be able to find or rename the original msi installer of the older/previous version installed (for uninstalling purposes) but will use any other as long as it has the same name. Keep in mind that this is a dirty way and I'm sure that it is not supposed to work this way, but for me it did as I expected.


There definitely is an error either in the install (if the msi is needed for uninstall it should be stored somewhere in the program's dir) or the download/update routine but I have other things to do then other people's job. I was annoyed enough to do it cause it will influence the install on approx 200 machines here but decided different as I could solve it using the way described above.

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ruwim wrote:

I’m not sure if this will help but you can try to run the “Fix it” from this Microsoft article:


YESSSSSSSSSS!! This worked for me!!! +1 to you sir

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Having same problem coming up from

Is it a Skype or Microsoft problem??

Looks like Skype to me - are the going to fix it??

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Used the Microsoft "Fix" and Downloaded Skype - so have new version =

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I had this annoying persisting problem for weeks, until I found a great solution:


1. In your Skype application go to Help > About Skype.

2. Write down the exact version in this format: X.X.X.XXX

3. Go to this site to download a new installation file.

IMPORTANT: You must find exactly the same version as you have installed!!!

4. Download the installation file.

5. Run the installation. It will install "on top" of your old installation - and you will find the full uninstall information as well. You will find it in the Control panel > Programs and applications.

6. When you have installed Skype - it worked smoothely for me -  check for updates. In a couple of minutes I had the old version uninstalled and the brand new version on my computer :-)

I run Windows 7 Home Premium.


This worked for me on 2012.11.15 - Hopefully it will for you too :-)

Good luck! - Bertil in Sweden


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