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Unlinking Microsoft Account

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I have installed Skype 5.11 Beta, I used Microsoft Account sign-in option and accidentally created a new account instead merging my existing account. Now I need to link my Old Account to my Microsoft Account it is my primary account and as is my Skype account. Please help me.... 

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Casual Tourist
I've the same problem. i accidentally merged my old skype account with my messenger.
is there any way to undo the merger, so i can link my new account? or even just link both?
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Reliable Tourist
Same here. Merged with 2nd account and can't unlink it.
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Super Aviator

I guess we have to wait for the FINAL release.


No Disconnect option in Skype website too.


No option for Skype.



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Community Manager

Please contact Skype customer service as they can help you unmerging Microsoft accounts that were merged with a Skype account incorrectly.


Not fully sure yet, if they will be able to help you, nsathya, with the seperated MS account that you want to merge now.

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Casual Adventurer
My other account do not have Skype credit, it needs to be addressed before launching the new version of Skype.
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Casual Adventurer

Sorry, thought I need to have skype credit to lodge a support request, the email support option is pretty well palced.

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Oh, I have this same problem. I linked my old Microsoft account thinking it would be possible simply to unlink it later and add my new one (I'd like to have everything clean, since I'm migrating to a new Microsoft Account, to use Windows Phone Marketplace in my country properly), but it isn't possible... :/ 


Hopefully, this option WILL become available soon, when Skype for Windows 8 goes live. Has anyone contacted support and had this problem resolved?

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I have the same problem with Windows 8 Online Account in the Skype Metro style/Modern. I want to be able to sign out / unlink my skype account from my Microsoft account and when I do that all the contacts should dissapear from the people app and in all the apps that are connected with it. And when iI will connect back I want to have them back. I have connected / linked my father's skype account with the New Modern UI Skype App and now everytime I go to the Skype Modern UI App I can't log out from my father's account and log in with mine. Also, because of his skype contacts, now the People App from Microsoft is almost impossible to use because his conatcts mixed with mine. Same goes for the messaging app and all apps witch have to do with linking 3rd part apps to the Microsoft Online account. Please fix this because I can't use the people app normally and it's very ANOYING! 

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Same problem here. All have been said. We need to be able to unlink our accounts as we need, it should be rocket science as it is now. The setup is too open for mistakes, and mistakes are too hard to fix. Talk about Cloud trust...
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