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Toll Free Number!

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Hello i work with insurance companies and their toll free number all day.  Up until recently everything would work just fine.  Since monday i have not been able to connect to united healthcare ins.  +18778423210 is the phone number, but also any number to this company does not work.  All other departments are the same... it calls for 3-4 seconds and hangs up abruptly.  no reason no error code nothing.  i called the company and spoke with their IT department who assured me there was nothing wrong with their systems.  Ive called branched in my local city and all over the USA and also even in India.  No number works.  can it be possible that the company blocks numbers from skype?  is that possible even?  Please help me ASAp We have lost a weeks worth of work due to this. 

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wHY can I no longer connect with toll free num,bers?

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Dear sir,


i am working in automobiles company & we want video call/chat with our brnach office.

how i can get skype group video calling access.


we have 4 branch at diffrent location & we need to discussed on video chat.



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