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Skype won't connect

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Novel Adventurer
Hi Guys;

I recently had this issue, turned out to be anti virus.
I had removed norton, but it left some trace stuff behind -- After using a norton removal tool, all was OK.

I suggest uninstalling your antivirus (WITH A SUPPLIED REMOVAL TOOL TO REMOVE ALL TRACES) momentarily to TEST -- and then reinstall it, and see about configuring it.
Hope it helps!
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Casual Tourist
that's a little drastic.
you don't have to uninstall norton, only turn off the "smart firewall" under the network connection heading. to get there, on the norton homescreen, click on the 'advanced' tab (next to the gear) the second heading is network protection, and the first item on the right is smart firewall. turn it off when you want to use skype, and its easy to turn back on. norton will tell you that your system is not secure and ask to secure system. doing so will turn the firewall back on. skype won't work if the firewall is up.

hopefully i described that right, good luck!
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Casual Tourist

Yes, if anyone has a solution to the connection problem, please let the rest of us know. I'm in S. Korea trying to contact N Zealand and UK... where it's working fine.

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Novel Tourist

Same here and It seems like there isn't a solution. And I'm in long distance relationship and my daddy is in the Marines. So someone please help us. 

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its also happing to me....dont worry. and its kinda starting to just piss me off a bit :/
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mines doing the EXACT SAME THING!!! i have windoes vista though....

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i now whatz hapend it is happing often but its the wireless if uve got virgin u have more cance :womansad::robotwink:

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skype is **bleep**ed up so badly! it keeps saying that i can't connect, i've changed my password, made sure my login in name is correct, and it's still NOT working! i suggest skype sorts this out!

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Novel Adventurer

I am having the same problem, it will not connect..but my daughter hasn't a problem use to work just fine~ how do I correct this ..I miss seeing my Grandkids.

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Having the same problem myself. Just created an account of my own today. And like most of you have said, the little circle thing keeps rotating clockwise and it says ! Skype can't connect.

I've tried everything I can think of and i've browsed the web and tried other things people have suggested such as turning off firewall. And it's hopeless.

My father created an account 3 years ago or so. And he never really used it. It was mainly me... but back to the point, I never had a single problem with it!

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