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Skype won't connect

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Novel Tourist

My skype won't connect. The "loading circle" just keeps turning ongoing and nothing happens. I have double checked password and user name all 100%. I contacted someone else who connected on my account from their laptop, no problem. I checked my internet connection all 100%. Do you have any advice please, this has been an ongoing problem since I installed skype on my computer which runs on windows 7


Thank you 

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Novel Tourist

I am having the same problem!

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Novel Tourist

Same as me

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Casual Tourist

I tried reinstalling and it still won't connect.  Any answers yet?


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My Skype page is always open however it is showing that Skype is "unavailable" and to try later.  However I have waited 4 days and it is still unavailable.  I have reloaded Skype and no change.  What do I have to do to fix this problem.

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Novel Adventurer
my wont connect either its making me mad
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Novel Adventurer
me to same thing
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Hello anyone. I can download skype to my computer and it will let me go to my account settings and info, etc. but it will not let me open it up to call or receive any calls. I call my number but it says that i am not available. I went through three hours of talking, uninstalling, downloading, and trying every possible thing but nothing works. I just look at my desktop icon and click it and then it flashes with my Id and password section into the address and call area section then it quickly tells me that skype home is not available and then it tells me that windows has to close my skype as a program is not letting it open. I am at a big loss but yet my other computer works ok with skype. It will not let me call in to it though.

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Casual Adventurer

I have had my skype on my windows 7 64 bit operating system and it worked very well up until today. I give up and want to junk it now.

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Novel Tourist
Hi I just re-installed my Skype also as a matter of fact I installed it twice, I have the correct username & password & I keep getting the same error message "SKYPE IS UNABLE TO CONNECT" what the hell is going on? I know it's not me, anyone out there experiencing the same problem? hope I'm not alone on this. Please reply if it's happening to you too. so that way I know I'm NOT going crazy here. Thanks
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