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Skype sounds come through my headset but all other audio is coming through my laptop speakers??

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This was the ONLY thing that worked for me as well.


I tried to change all my audio settings on the pc and skype with NO luck. so frusterating.


This all happened after I had to wipe my laptop back to factory settings from an error. After it was all up and running I could not get my game (Age of Wonders 2) to play through my headset when I had Skype up. Only my skype call was through my headset and my game was through my external speakers.

Thankfully it is fixed now by disabling my headset.

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I also have the HP Pavilion dv6, so I think that this an HP problem because the person aboive you also has one. I really hate this issue and I can't figure out how to fix it. This really needs to be fixed.

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I have an HP Pavilion dv6 with Windows 7 and I just figured out how to fix this issue! Make sure that you have your headphones and microphone plugged in as if you were going to talk on Skype.

STEP 1.) Open Skype and click the Tools tab at the top of the page. 

STEP 2.) Click Options... 

A new window will pop up. This window is how you will be able to make sure that this solution works for you.

STEP 3.) On the left side of the Skype options window, there is a section labeled General under this there are 5 buttons click the second one from the top labeled Audio Settings.

STEP 4.) Click the green circle with the white play button in the middle of it and be sure that you can hear it through your headphones.

STEP 5.) Open an audio source, (YouTube is probably the best thing) make sure that you pick something that has audio playing the whole time and make it at least 5 minutes long.

Click the play button and let the audio continue to play as you follow these instructions.

STEP 6.) Open Volume Mixer.

STEP 7.) click the icon which is labeled Speakers (DO NOT click the one labeled Speakers and Headphones or the one labeled Headphones (You may not have some of these options)).

A new window will pop up.

STEP 8.) At the bottom of the window there is a drop down box labeled Device Usage: click this box and select Don't use this device (disable).

STEP 9.) While your audio source you chose earlier is still running, open the skype options window and click the green button with the white play button inside. Both audio sources should be playing through you headpones.


There you go! I hope this helped! And it is still working for me!


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I have the same problem, I skype my friend and it comes through speakers instead of headset, i go into tools --> options --> I turn it to Communications Headset and untick the box and Save, Then i dont hear my friend talking (Tested) But he can hear me still. Any Help please?

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your wrong you just have to disable headphones in audio manager

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Theres a quick way to get around this problem, well it works on my laptop.  I've had the same problem as you guys where skype only goes through my headphones and everything else goes through my speakers, and I've tried just about every suggestion on this thread and none worked.  But this one did and I'm pretty sure it will work for everyone else, I just went to Playback devices (right-click your volume icon on the bottom right) and disable your speakers, and ta-da! I hope it works for you guys, I know its not a permanent fix but if you don't mind turning your speakers on/off when you plug in your headphones then this fix is for you Enjoy

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Thank you SO much man 

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If you have windows 8 you can download skype through windows 8 and it works perfectly using skype and playing games. The only down side is windows 8 doesnt have all the features that windows desktop has but they are working on getting all windows desktop features on windows 8.


Worked For Me

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It worked! Bloody worked!! After such a long time, I can finally have normal skype conversations without resorting to headphones. Thank you!

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I have the same problem. I actually all the people that I know have that problem.

It is really anoying that Skype cannot behave like other application.