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Skype sound coming through speakers not headphones

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Recently i got my hard drive changed, and since then skype sounds have not been coming through my headphones. people can hear me i just cant hear them as well. Its annoying since everything was working before. And the sound of youtube videos comes through fine.

so im not sure what it is.

Anyone help? Thanks

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What settings do you have for Speakers in Tools -> Options -> Audio settings?

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how do i get to the tools first?
then i can say
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Tools is on the menu bar of your Skype window.

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It seems my default settings were speakers rather than headphones...*facepalm*
Thanks ruwim
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Solution is under Tools-->General-->Audio Settings-->Speakers-->Select "Headphones" from drop down. It will start work.



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Hey guys n girl try going to skype tools > Options > Audio settings > And then the drop down box next to RINGING select > Use selected speakers


Hope that works, worked for me :happy:


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Not working. Still comes from laptop instead of headphone while doing a video call. everything was ok before the last update of my skype now i can`t listen to music or whatever

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Uninstalled the last update and installed back Skype It went back to normal!
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This is really a horrible bug, because it inappropriately routes sound through the speakers that isn't even related to Skype. For example, I am listening to a radio stream and, when I receive a Skype message, that audio blasts through the speakers.


I can't imagine why Skype would design its software this way on purpose, nor why I would be required to change ANY setting in Skype to fix something that Skype broke.


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