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Skype not sending or receiving messages on time

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After switching to the new update of Skype (ver. ), I stopped getting messages from people as quickly and I also realized when I was sending messages, they would either be pending or say they were sent but, my friends would not get them for a long amount of time. They have gotten messages I sent a day later, even though they were online at the time I sent it.

This has happened with four or five people now repeatedly and I keep having the same issues.

When they send me messages, if Skype is acting up, I will not get them for up to two days. Some of my friends also reported never getting my messages, even though Skype says I sent them. I also have trouble seeing people online now. If I log out and come back, a person who was online before will appear offline for about ten to thirty minutes and then suddenly appear online again. Even though the person never logged out on their end.

I have updated my Skype and I have tried the "log out and log back in" method. It isn't working anymore. I have tried repeatedly sending messages after my friend has tried to message me back, that doesn't help either. I deleted my config file which I saw helped with this problem on another forum post, but it didn't help me either.

The old versions had this same problem, but not nearly as bad as this new version. It only happened a couple times a week on the old versions... but this is just terrible. I have heard people with an older version of Skype talking to people with a newer version could be causing this problem, but this is four or five people on my entire Skype list that I can barely get a message through to. I have been forced to put a message in my Skype status about it because people think I am ignoring them, when I am truthfully not getting the messages from them.

I have used Skype for years now, but I am seriously considering switching to another IM system if I cannot get this fixed. It is just much too annoying.

Extra Information:
Skype Version
Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium
Cable Internet connected wirelessly, brand new router (I didn't start having this issue directly after buying the router, so I doubt it is the router, all other websites and programs are working fine.)

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I have the same exact problem, but my version of skype is
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Yeah, it seems to be getting worse with every version released. I wish I never updated mine.

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Same problem here. Have and it's especially with acc of my friend... -.-

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I asked a few of my friends that I am having major problems contacting their versions of Skype. A couple of them were behind and are going to update to see if that helps. Ask your friends to try upgrading. I am going to see if them upgrading helps at all.

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same here, and i just downloaded the latest version on 07/06/2012, what gives skype?

i have windows vista 64-bit operating system, i have skype  v. 

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hi, same problem here even the files cannot be transfer using the new ver5.10 any help

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The same problem with my

I've got Windows 7 x64 and connect to Internet via another computer that has direct Internet connection. The workaround I've found is to launch Skype from that second computer, then there are no delays or missing messages. But I want it to work from mine actually

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Just updated to version  The lag is so bad it is not usable.  Things I send don't get delivered for minutes.   Will have to move to Google chat.

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wow, so it's not just me . . . i wonder how they will fix this??

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