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Skype not responding

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Casual Adventurer

Im using avast whole time, never had problem also using it on my second notebook with no problems with skype.
(EDIT: the older one im not using it too much these days)

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Community Ambassador

For testing purpose try to disable Avast and any Firewall.

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Casual Adventurer

Tried but still problem, turn on skype and after few seconds after click on contact its not responding. (im trying only with the newest one now)

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Community Ambassador

Reboot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking and then start Skype.

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Casual Adventurer

I tried, sent some messages and after like one minute window just disappeared, tried to turn it on again but again after few seconds just disappeared without any info.

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Community Ambassador

Do you have any VPN/proxy applications installed?


Please, run the "tasklist" command, which will show which processes are running on your computer.

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Casual Adventurer

I dont have anything like that installed and seems like im clear.

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Community Ambassador

Something on your computer is closing your Skype, so it's not that clear.

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Casual Adventurer

With this command:
tasklist  >  f:\Games\tasklist.txt
Im not able to create the text file with it (the folder is existing i have steam and other stuff installed there), i can maybe screenshot the Task Managers with procceses.

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