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Skype is relentless NOT to log in.

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Casual Tourist

So, hello. This is literally a last resort for me, because I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of and have googled everything I can think of.


Basically, my skype decided to break. I noticed that it showed all of my contacts as offline and it's icon in the bottom right hand corner of my screen was a blue circle with the little white arrows. So, naturally... I closed it and tried to re-open it. It started signing me in, but I sat there for like 5 minutes and it wasn't logging in. So I tried it again, still nothing. I then tried to restart my computer, still nothing. Then, I uninstalled and re-installed about 5 times, still nothing. I googled lots of solutions, like changing the skype folder name to "Skype_old" or deleting the "login" folder for it. Or creating a shortcut with the "legacy login" thing. I've tried installing different versions or whatever, and I have googled and tried everything I can think of. I literally have no idea what it is, this has never happened to me before and I have never had such a problem in the past.


Some useful information maybe:

I run on Windows 8.1.

I don't use any antivirus programmes.

I use an ethernet cable.

I have Internet Explorer 11.


If anyone could tell me how to fix this, I would be so appreciative!!! Please, someone help. This is literally my last resort and I wouldn't have came here if I wasn't absolutely desperate. Thank you in advance!!!!

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