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Skype for Windows version 6.16 is available now

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Former Staff

We've just released Skype 6.16 for Windows Desktop. Please upgrade by downloading it from


Fixed bugs:

- blocked contacts appearing in Skype Home,

- no input fields (blue window) in login Window,

- crash when chat name contains "&#" characters.


And as always, we are looking forward to hear your feedback shared with Skype here on the community, as we continue making Skype even better.

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Veteran Adventurer

For those interested, the 6.16 version that also includes spellcheck (on Win 8.x only):

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Novel Adventurer

Does this version work with the Opus codec?


Thank you very much.

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Casual Adventurer

Did they put back the missing emoticons?

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Novel Adventurer

How about making Skype UI look like Lync UI

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Community Ambassador

It doesn't appear they've reversed their decision on any emoticons in this version (removed or cat).  Also in reference to the opus codec.  If there were major changes made, they would undoubtedly be advertised.  I have no idea when/if they plan to provide that anytime soon.

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Casual Adventurer

Bummer... still no (finger) emote.  I suppose I'll just have to keep using an actual picture of my middle finger...

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Experienced Adventurer

Anyone else have issue with turning on auto-update (6.16)?


Says I need admin, so I ran skype as admin (although, I'm the only user of this PC and my account IS admin), and still can't turn auto-update on...


Everything else looks normal, and the blocked contacts are gone, but...




UPDATE:  I just went to another PC...  Auto-updates are on, but Skype has not updated.  Other PC is still running 6.14.  Hmmm... in fixing the blocked contacts issue, did something go awry with the auto-update feature????

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Honorary Adventurer

There's no point in updating from 6.13 until the emoticons are fixed.

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Community Manager

annybabe: The "Check for updates" functionality is not yet pointing at 6.16, but will currently compare against 6.14. This will change in the next days.

Regarding the auto-update functionality there's a separate topic here:

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