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Skype cannot connect

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 thanks for replying so quickly. I tried the above, but it still doesn't work. Uninstalling was no problem. There was a shared.xml, which I deleted. There was no config.xml.

In program files, these was no longer a Skype folder, I guess that was deleted automatically when uninstalling.

Then installed a new skype from "get skype" above. This has installed version (strangely no longer the 5.6 version).

But the problem is still the same: unable to connect.

In the mean time, I have even tried to disablemy Windows firewall alltogether (I saw that was also a suggestion somewhere), but also that made no difference.

Anything else I can try?



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Hoping you might be able to help me please.


I'm having the same problem when going into the login page, it just says "Skype can't connect"


I've uninstalled and re-installed Skype tried rebooting and am not to sure what next to do or try.


Its only done this for the past 48 hours before then everything was fine.


Any ideas please would be really grateful.



Antony Cox

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Sorry for not being able to help. I am adding this entry to raise awareness that this issue is impacting more and more people. My experience is exactly the same than described here.

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new information (tomy relief): over the past days, I noticed that my Norton virus scan was not coming up as it was supposed to. It was completely blocked, so even starting it manually was no longer possible.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Norton, and reconfigured the firewall for skype. Now I am able to connect again.

Again, thanks for your help.



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Please follow these Steps:


1. Only do Step 1 if you are on WIN7:


Stop Skype.


Be sure that Compatibility Mode is not enabled (right-click on Skype shortcut icon/launcher and select Properties >> Compatibility) - for Windows 7 users only.


Try to launch Skype.


2. If Step 1 fails or you are NOT using WIN7 do:


Open an Internet Explorer browser, and go to , what happens?


If you see a message box that contains a connect button, please click on the connect button.


If the page fails to display, Please do the instructions below. Using your Windows Control Panel, please do:


Internet Options -> Advanced Tab Please click the "Reset" button.


Then, Go to the Connections Tab.


Make sure that the only checkbox checked is "Automatically detect settings", then click the "OK" button.


Close any open Internet Explorer browser windows, open a new IE browser window and try again. What happens? If it works, please stop/start Skype What happens?


3. If Step 2 does NOT solve the problem:


Please install the normal version using the instructions below:


You can install the Current release by clicking this link:

Please do NOT remove what you already have installed, simply, install over.



These instructions have worked for many and is the quickest thing to try to resolve issues such as this.


Also, what operating system are you on?


What is the Make and Model of your computer?


Do you have all Windows updates and updates to any hardware devices by the manufacturers?

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my skype has been of for 12 hours
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as Skype didn't work properly, i uninstalled the application.Afterwards i wanted to download it again without succes,as every time i got the following message:Problems connecting to download server,(followed by:to download alternative installer for skype, click the

download button.

I did this but it didn't work

I work with Windows Xp on a small Acer Aspire laptop

I hope someone can help me to fix this problem. Thanks on forehand


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I downloaded Skype from the web site and that was version 5.6. When I unistall that version and installed version 5.5 with "" everything is working fine.

Version 5.6 gave me a lot of problem and I'm running Windows 7.

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if u have an anti virus installed like norton then go to setting, firewall(or smart firewall) setting program control and allow skype.exe because i had the same problem of connection and when i did so the issue was resolved...the skype.exe was blocked by default
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hello.  i have tried everything that i have seen from any of these help searches.  and i have talked  to 2 live people from the skype help and am still not getting any progress.  what happens for me is    i pull up Skype   and then i type in my Skype Name and password.   and click sign in.     and it says    Skype has stopped working.     A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.     and  what is says is  A newer version of Skype is available for download that might solve this problem. Skype Technologies SA recommends updating to the latest version of Skype to take advantage of security and stability improvements.  but i already have the newest version of Skype.   could someone please help me out.   i have been trying to fix it or find the problem for over a month now.

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